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Thread: lower motor neuron injury...spasms?

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    lower motor neuron injury...spasms?

    I am a T10 with a lower motor neuron injury. I am loosing a lot of
    tone and I was wondering if anyone started having spasms after
    a lower motor neuron injury. I was told that it takes up to 2 years
    for the nerves to grow that connects the muscles to the cord.
    Anyone know anything about this? Thanks.

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    Hey Buck - I'm T12. I started getting spasms at night when I'm sleeping about 4 months post. It doesn't help with tone though - I have no butt and no calves. Mike
    T12 Incomplete - Walking with Crutches, Injured in Oct 2003

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    I think there's different theories on that. My neurosurgeon explained that it'd be a race between the neurons from cord to the muscle and the muscle still sending feedback to the cord. Or something like that. I'm not really sure I understood it.

    I broke my L1. My butt and calves have really atrophied the most and the only spasms I get are in my lower back. They definitely haven't helped with tone.

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    Let me expand on what I wrote to you in a private message.

    People should not simply assume that their motoneurons are gone. There are many reasons for flaccidity.
    1. Too much anti-spasticity drug.
    2. Damage to interneurons in the spinal cord.
    3. Damage to the sensory afferents entering the spinal cord.
    4. Damage to the motor axons in the peripheral nerve.
    5. Muscle atrophy (resulting from non-use)

    So, the first task is to define what has been damaged and what the cause of the flaccidity is. This is important because the solution will differ depending on the cause.

    Obviously, if a person is taking too much baclofen or other anti-spasticity drug, they need to reduce the dose.

    Neurophysiological testing may be necessary to assess the causes of reflex loss. Reflex loss means that one component of the reflex arc is not working. this may be due to loss of afferents, depression of gamma-motoneuronal activity, damage to motoneurons, or damage to motoneuronal axons in the peripheral nerve.

    Muscle atrophy may have occurred for other reasons.


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