I've alway been afraid that one day my son would be embarrassed of me but it hasn't happen yet. You are still their mom and they will love you no matter what. Through kids eyes they don't see the chair like most adults do. There we be times it will be difficult on them but it will be all worth it in the end. My sister took her girl to the park one day and there was a little girl in a chair. Marrisa went straight to her and started playing with her like nothing was wrong. Most kids would have shy away from her but she was use to me being in a chair. My sister got tears in her eyes when she seen that happen.
My son hold doors open for people and never is afraid to help people. It makes me so happy to see him be so good. All the teacher brag on him at school on how nice and helpful he is. My son misses all the thing I should be doing with him but he really needs the support and love I give him. Being there emotionally for their needs is way more important then the physical part.