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Thread: Hi everyone, brand new here

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    hi eric i am a low level injury, cauda equina , i still walk with an afo, had bladder problems for the first 2 years and had to ic, still have bowel problems that are quite different from most here
    cauda equina

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    Eric -
    My CFI is looking in to how to fly without legs... One of the Cessna's has a lowering kit and a way to remove the wing struts, making it easy to get in and out from a WC. We've been arguing about how hand controls would work, without really doing any research at all - mostly about how effective of a cross wind landing could be accomplished with different hand control scenarios.

    I think the three main brands to look at are TiLite,Quickie, and Kuschall

    All have their fans and foes. The best you can do is a bit of research with searches and see if you can get demos of each, though how they are set up will probably make more of a difference than the brands themselves.

    A more important question will be folding vs rigid, with rigid being better for getting around, while folding... well, they fold.

    -- JB

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    Quote Originally Posted by Eric
    My paralysis is "non-typical but comlplete" according to the doctors. I have feeling to my waste and then from the belt line down it is tingles and occasional needles. below the thigh, nothing. I do have bowel and bladder function but it is not normal. Constant loose stools and polyurination (peeing a lot) is common.
    Do you have motor function below the waist? You did not mention if you are able to ambulate (S and lower L injuries sometimes can walk with assistance).

    Quote Originally Posted by Eric
    What kind of charis do you use (for the para's) I am using a loaner chair from the rehab for a bit but need to buy my own. Since I am buying my own, I want the best I can get. I think Titanium is probobly the way to go. Any suggestions on what to get and what to stay away from?

    Thanks, Eric
    I asked questions about wheelchairs a few days ago.

    I'd still recommend working with a therapist and DME who know what they're doing. A wheelchair's a big investment and you do not want to be stuck with something that doesn't have the functions you're looking for (or didn't know about). See if you can try demo-ing a few different type of chairs to get a feel for what you like. And don't just buy something cuz it looks cool, or you might regret it.

    Material-wise, you want an ultralightweight (titanium) but as I've learned, there's a lot of different decisions. One of the biggest may be the folding vs. rigid can depend a lot of stuff like how you transfer into your vehicle.

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    Eric, welcome.

    May want to take a look at these chairs - pretty popular:


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    Eric, check since u are out west and they are in Cali. If you plan on visiting the east coast let me know, there are some organizations out here too.

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    Eric -
    Are you an AOPA member? is the web site for their forums. They reorganized it recently, so I don't know whether it's open to non-members. Try it and see. The Medical Matters forum will probably be a good source of info on flying with SCI. Highly recommended.

    JustinB -
    I'd really like to know more about this lowering and strut removal - where can I find out about it? (of course, I should ask on the AOPA forum
    My wife would love to be able to fly with me again, but I haven't figured how she could get in our 182.

    As I'm sure you know, the Ercoupe has no rudder pedals unless it's been modified. They're relatively inexpensive. I've only heard about hand rudder controls; never seen them. The AOPA forum would be a good source of info there too.

    - Richard

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    Hey Eric, welcome to Care Cure, hope to see you around lot's.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rrrrronnn
    Eric, check since u are out west and they are in Cali...
    Thanks for mentioning them, Rrrrron, I had forgtten about them. I might try them to see about this lowering kit.
    - Richard

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    Hi Eric,
    u got lot of friends through Care Cure website,
    i am ur friend,

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    Hey Eric

    nice to meet you .... Good luck with recovery...D
    I'm not short im funsized!

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