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Thread: Hi everyone, brand new here

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    Hi everyone, brand new here


    My name is Eric (you probobly guessed that already). I was a private pilot who was working toward my ATP (airline transport pilot) license when I was injured. In July of last year I was helping a friend trim some tree's in his yard and fell off a ladder and burst my S1-2 and my life changed.

    I am adjusting very slowly. With a very active lifestyle before this, and such a huge change, I am having a bit of difficulty. Now, some things before I continue,

    1) I know it could be worse, I know my low level injury is a blessing.

    2) I am not looking for sympathy, or pity. just looking for friends.

    I did not have insurance at the time so state assistance is covering my medical coverage, thus, the time in rehab was shortened.

    I am aware that my low level injury is rare but if there are any of you out there that are S Level or low L level injury, I would love to hear from you.

    God Bless


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    Welcome to the forums, Eric.

    I'm new here also, but have found them to be extremely informative and friendly (as long as you avoid the politics board.....)

    The way you started your post, I was thinking "cool - another airplane crash survivor"... Ah well

    There have been several recent posts in the exercise forum on hand cycles, and here in Portland I've been slowing finding information about wheelchair basketball and tennis, and I know of several groups going snow skiing. Where I'm going with this is that even if you are in a wheelchair, it doesn't mean you have to stop being active. (I have no idea how such a low injury effects your movement. I'm just posting to be encouraging)

    Anyways, welcome, and good luck.


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    Welcome Eric from Ariz.

    to the "I fell off an Extension Ladder Club!!!.

    I my L#1 on May 20, 2004 while trimming limbs with my chainsaw!

    Enjoy this webiste, loads of information, support and friendly ppls.

    You'll find out we can be almost the same level of injury and yet completely different in our functions.
    Oour functions like B/B, curled toes or non...drugs we've tried worked
    for some and not others...

    We probably have more knowledge of our bodys than 100 doctors posed for a group shot, with the exceptioin of Dr. "Wise" Young.

    Sorry your here, but glad you found us!

    Your life is what you make it, and only you have that choice!

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    Hi, Eric. Glad you found Care Cure.

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    Well, I am a T-12... Yea, your a lucky one I suppose? How about pain.... any tingling, Pins and Needles from hell? Hope you are free of that... thats gotta be the worst part of this thing. The chair... eeehhh, I can live with that... but the pain is real tough sometimes.. Anyway, welcome. Your in the right place to learn more than most Doctors know right here! Its amazing... but Doc's know so little about us its actually frighting. Let us know whats on your mind... Youll get a lot of feedback. Mike (Florida)
    Mike (Florida)

    Cant we get 1 do over?

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    Welcome Eric!

    Hi Eric my name is Lori I have a high neck injury and I am a C6 complete. But I decided to say hello anyway since like the other people that posted we all have a lot in common no matter what or where our injuries have occurred.
    I agree with the other posts that I hope you do not have a lot of pain that is something that most of us suffer from. However you will find that you can discuss just about any issue you can think of here at CC!
    Please Visit My Blog at:

    But those who wait on the Lord
    Shall renew their strength;
    They shall mount up with wings like eagles,
    They shall run and not be weary,
    They shall walk and not faint
    Isaiah 40:31

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    Hi, Eric! I'm not SCI at all, but I have friends who are...

    If you need an extra friend, just PM me here, friendship is a good thing...

    Take care, God bless...


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    Hi Eric, sorry to hear about your injury, but welcome to CC. Damage to S1-2 would be a cauda equina injury but functionally can vary a great deal. Do you have diminished sensation or motor function? What is affected?

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    Eric -
    I don't know the extent of your SCI, but it doesn't have to stop you from flying if you have the desire and the $$$. Consider an Ercoupe. Ask on the AOPA internet forum for other ideas.

    JustinB -
    I didn't mention it to you before, but a co-worker of mine and his CFI both had compression fractures of a lower vertebra a few years ago in Newberg when our club's 172 hit a dump truck on short final to Newberg Chehalem. They came out of it relatively well, with only some pain remaining. The CFI is still flying; the student stopped.
    - Richard (private pilot)

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    Wow, what a friendly bunch, I appreciate the welcomes.

    My paralysis is "non-typical but comlplete" according to the doctors. I have feeling to my waste and then from the belt line down it is tingles and occasional needles. below the thigh, nothing. I do have bowel and bladder function but it is not normal. Constant loose stools and polyurination (peeing a lot) is common.

    the last reply to my post mentioned still flying? what is that about? do you have a link to that website?

    I look forward to many future posts.

    What kind of charis do you use (for the para's) I am using a loaner chair from the rehab for a bit but need to buy my own. Since I am buying my own, I want the best I can get. I think Titanium is probobly the way to go. Any suggestions on what to get and what to stay away from?

    Thanks, Eric

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