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Thread: Catheter still blocking

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    Arrow Catheter still blocking

    My Dad is using Baird Biocath Hydrogel coated latex DT2265 14 Does anyone know anything about these catheters blocking after milking it it eventually runs then he can fill a 750 ml bag at night. there has been some pus like stuff come out but very little he has no uti Could he be alergic to this catheter?

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    I would think an allergy would cause a rash or some other symptoms. I haven't used this specific type of catheter. It is not part of the hydrogel material is it?
    I would read the product information if you have it or call BARD or email the company to see if this is common with this type of catheter. If not and it is pus and not sediment (which would require a catheter change),it might be a UTI.


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    catheter change?

    Is this the same catheter that was blocked when you posted before, or has it been changed? If the catheter has not been changed yet, that would be a good first step.

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    Thank-you for responding to me on the boards.

    After 3 bladder washes, still clogging nurse agreed she would change catheter (PHEW).
    For some reason the nurse says its not good to change catheter before the 3 months, when its due to be changed.

    Took Out catheter and the eye was clear no blockage there but somewhere on the net i had read that sometimes the tube can be clooged and you have to cut into the tubing after the catheter is out to see. i told the nurse this and sure enough... it was thick with white stuff..... it looked like a clogged artery. What would this stuff be ??? New catheter in and is running fine today...I hope this never happens again. The nurse dipped his urine and it had blood protein and lecotryides in it i know i have spelt this wrong so its off to lab but he was put on antibiotocs (cipro) anyway as a safe guard. Wondering to do you know why these things would be showing up in the urine? ??
    Thanks again for your suggestion in changing catheter it was the same one that was blocking that i had posted about earlier.
    I do notice his urine is a little orange at times and cloudy??
    Thanks again everyone .. I had sent greta a personal message for her help and she suggested i write it on the board, so everyone could see the outcome... Thanks Greta.
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    I don't know where this nurse got the idea that 3 months is when catheters should be changed. Is this nurse from an agency? Call her supervisor and have a discussion. Call your physician and ask for a specific order to change it every month OR if it is clogging. We change indwelling catheters every month, sooner if they are clogging often. The CDC says their is NO recommended frequency for catheter should be done based on the individual patient's needs. He needs a more frequent change than every 3 months.

    You or an attendant could also be taught how to change this catheter yourself, which would be much safer as you could quickly change it if it becomes clogged, which is an emergency.

    If it still clogs in less than 30 days, then you should speak to his physician about possible daily Renecidin instillations. The crude on the inside of the catheter is called sediment. No known reason why some people have more problems with this than others.

    Dip-sticking urine is a total waste of time in people with long term indwelling catheters as they will always be positive, but that is NOT an is colonization. He should not be on antibiotics based on this, or on chronic antibiotics which will only result in him becoming resistant to the antibiotics he will need if he has a real UTI (fever, chills, etc.). Do you have a good SCI physician? If not, you need to find one who knows this stuff, as it does not appear that you are getting good advice consistent with standards of SCI care currently.

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