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Thread: Pressure relief for hip

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    Pressure relief for hip

    I can only sleep on my sides and I prefer my right side. But after years of sleeping mainly on my right side I started getting a callous over the hip bone. It also seems as though the bone has gotten more pronounced (sharper) over the years.

    Anyway, I was transferring out of bed and my right thumbnail caught the calloused area, opened it up and it started to bleed. So in effect I had a pressure sore there and needed to deal with it. In other words needed to keep the pressure off of it until it healed. I tried cutting up pieces of foam but couldn't make anything that really worked well.

    I found that an oblong hemorrhoid cushion is just the right shape and size and works really well. I sleep on it length-wise... the longer side of the oblong along the length of my body. The round inflatable ones leave a sharp ring around your hip and probably cut off the blood supply. And they're too big around (and low profile) so don't keep the boney area far enough off the bed. My hip has been healed for months now but I continue to sleep on the cushion a couple hours a night to help shift the pressure around. My first cushion is starting to fall apart so I just ordered another one and it reminded me to post my "find" here.

    If you need pressure relief for your hip(s) you might want to try it. They're only 20 bucks and that includes shipping. I don't keep the cloth cover on mine although I may start now that my open sore has healed and I don't need as much direct pressure relief there. If you keep the cloth cover off of it you may want to put a little talcum powder on your hip or on the cushion to keep your skin from sticking to it and stretching or shearing. You need to make sure that it's positioned just right. I slide my right hand under it until I know that the area I want relieved is directly in the middle of the cut-out. After awhile you get used to sleeping on it and over time it gets a little "squished" and is even less noticeable.

    Here's the one I just ordered.

    And here are 3 different sizes of what appear to be the same type cushion.

    Maybe I should have posted this in "Equipment" but I figured there's more traffic here.
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    I also prefer sleeping on my right side. From time to time I get a bit of a red mark, so then I change to my left - problem is I get a lot of nightsweats being on my left but I do it anyway until the mark has gone. I also moisturize my skin a lot so as to avoid getting any hardening of the skin or callous. I never use talc though - we were always told at rehab not to as it can collect and compact & harden and possibly introduce a sore of its own.

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    thanks bob

    but when you say 'years', how long exactly


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    Hi Ads,

    I've been paralyzed for 26 years and I've never been able to sleep on my back or stomach. I just can't fall asleep while on my back and my face gets mashed into the mattress/pillow and I can't breath as well on my stomach.

    Just how long my right hip has had a slight boney prominence on it I don't really remember. At least 5 years. Probably since I really started favoring my right side. Hey, my bedside table and ashtray are on the right side of my bed so.... and I'm left-handed so having my dominant hand free may have something to do with it too.
    "Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a great battle." - Philo of Alexandria

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    Thanks bob,

    yeah my sis is the same but injured 2 yrs - but the future's bright eh?!

    lol on the smokes!


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