Anyone know anything about pregnenolone? It appears to be a freely available health supplement.

Saving Nerve function-Pregnenolone and DMSO
This article submitted by Arnold Gore on 6/20/99.
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Dr. Julian Whitaker MD wrote in his Health & Healing February 1995 that severe spinal chord injury could now be treated successfully with Pregnenolone, a hormone that is available on prescription. It has been around since the 1940’s and was once used for treating arthritis, but was eventually replaced by cortisone.
In an animal study in which paralyzing spinal cord injuries were inflicted on 40 anesthetized experimental animals some were give pregnenolone with anti-inflammatory agents that stimulate growth factors in the body and others were given just anti-inflammatory agents. Eleven of sixteen given pregnenolone were able to walk again of which four were able to walk almost normally. Those receiving anti-inflammatory’s were not able to walk.
This study “Key role for pregnenolone in combination therapy that promotes recovery after spinal cord injury.” was published in the Proceedings National Academy of Sciences,USA;Dec.1994; 91:12308-12312. The earliest application possible after the injury would logically be the best time to administer this, since the nerve endings are more likely to be active, but its worth a try later.
Pregnenolone is no longer preformulated and sold by a major drug company. A doctor will have to write a prescription that will have to be filled at a compounding Pharmacy. California Pharmacy and Compounding Center, 800-575-7776 will prepare a prescription and mail it to you.