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Thread: My visit with Dr.Geeta Shroff

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    hi sweta,

    I was wondering how you went with your treatment and why you no longer post any information on how you went? I do hope all went well.

    This is a very personal situation that you decided to make public, I find it unfair that you now no longer share your news. Good or bad, people need honesty

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    She did share what happened. Not sure why there are 2 identical threads, but here is what she wrote in her other blog/thread...

    Quote Originally Posted by Shwetarose
    I cant say...bcos i didnt completed the treatment. i went for 1.5 month and then later again 1 month...was feeling good but that may be of vigorous phyusiotheray which i was not doing in years...but in whole phase i didnt gain motor power...or anything..sad to say..but i didnt comleted treatment too so cant give fault to anyone.

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    Thanks, IMight. She has a lot on her plate right now, yet she still updated us. Out of the goodness of her heart, and she's neither paid nor obliged to do so. She should be commended, not chided, Nail Young.

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    Hi Shweta,

    I am also in delhi and i just have to confrim from Dr geeta about Thalassemia treatment because my son is one year old and i want to know about more this so pls can u cosult with her and let me know if there is any treatmtn for that and if i can do anything for u in delhi i will be very glad....

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    Question Thalassemia Treatment info

    Hi Shweta,

    I have seen ur comments tht u r about to take treatment of Dr geeta sheroff and i had told u that i want to know more about Thalassemia treatment with Stem cells.....Pls tell me so that i can aware about treatment for son, he is One year old and i can not see him with this problem......

    hemanshu kumar

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    dear Shwetarose,
    please update your present conditions and improvement...i want to undergo Dr.geeta`s treatment...plz mail me

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shwetarose
    Yesterday i had an appointment with Dr Geeta shroff 's assistant Dr.Ashish verma. The meeting was very postive. it was good than expected.

    The doctor was genuine personality. He was neither marketing nor advertising. He was very Logical in what he was saying. He gave a book wriiten by Dr.Geeta shroff where 100 patients claims are published. 12 cases are of spinal cord injuries. other contains mental retardation, head injury, post stroke syndrome,degenrative diseases,Huntington's chorea, spinal injury,motor neuron disease,auto immune disorders,diabetes mellitus,post tumour,musculo skeletal system disorders,genetic disorders,kidney liver diseases,cardiac diseases,reproductive system & Skin.

    My papa and my family doc argued of why ICMR( Institute Council Medical Research) is not supporting and against. Doctor told me that they hv submitted all the proofs but defintely they wont be submitting their I.P. He also informed that it was going to BANN but patients support helded it back.Tera tumors are risks but he told that till now from 2003,noone of his patients got side effects or netype of tumors.

    This is first institute using Human Embryonic Stem cells. I m convinced n my parents too. I still need time to think. i will meet patient n if possible the politican Ajit jogi too. but i might take risk. i can afford tumors for a risk but i want to walk.

    If i want to go for procedure, i hv to stay delhi for 2 months. n later on come for injections every two months. the data of patients are promising n satisfying. i will give summary of patient data soon. i will go for therapy only after meeting patients.

    overall i m little happy will be glad to know your views, suggestions.

    Dr.Wise Young pls suggest me your view.

    Hallo Shweta,
    We r now 2 n half years further n i would like to know if u hv been to Delhi n if u hv get the treatment. Would u pls inform me about this treatment n tell me about ur improvement.


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    how are you Shweta

    Hi Shweta!

    I am just eager to know about your current condition. Got any improvements from the stem cell therapy? How are you now?


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    required contact details of dr Geeta Shroff


    Can I get the contact info or details of dr Geeta Shroff.


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    Exclamation Optic Never Athrophy Help

    A relative has been affected to Optic Never Athrophy for nearly seven months. We have written and talked to Dr. Verma, about two weeks ago. We're still waiting for their response about this case. Our relative is only 28 years old. He lost completely his vision, and only few times he can sense lights and shapes.
    We have checked on the internet about surgeries and medical treatments for Optic Atrophy around the world, and we realized the effectiveness of embryonic stem cell treatment developed by Dr. Geeta Shroff and their physician staff. We have intended many times to call to India, but it's very difficult, and last time I called Dr. Verma insisted that we must wait their response in order to call back again.

    Please if you have communication with them, tell them about our concern. We are really worried about him. Osnay wants to travel to India inmediatedly. The information that we request in order to travel to India is listed below:
    1. - Medical records required.
    2. - Information related about stem cell treatment.
    3. - Estimated date and time request in order to start to receive stem cell treatment in India.
    4. - Pricing of treatment (accurate budget from the medical treatment which the patient (Mr. Osnay Romero) shall pay directly to the clinic and/or the medical professionals)
    5. - Travel and accommodation costs (optional).
    The more information that you could send to us, the better. It's vital to receive all the information above listed in order to travel to New Delhi as soon as it's possible. We beg you all the efforts in order to get a quick progress to get back Osnay Romero sight.
    My email is

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