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Thread: My visit with Dr.Geeta Shroff

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    I want to inquire if anybody got treatment for motor neuron diease from dr. Geeta?

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    I have tried for over a week to contact Dr. Shroff, will you please send me her e-mail and telephone. thanks zully

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    hi shweta I am interested to get some literature about dr shroff's treatment and its affects on stroke and diabetes and cardiac failure

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    Dr Young, or anyone else, do you think it will be possible to achieve small isolated improvements, say bladder or bowel function from this technique before the treatment evolves to walking unaided and complete recovery? Surely this would be a great help to many of us. Or will it be an all or nothing?

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    Hi everybody!
    i'm an italian guy, this is the first time i write in this forum!
    I'm very happy for Shwetarose...
    I really would like to talk with Geeta Shroff... I read some interesting news today!What I have to do?


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    Has anyone managed to get the Email contact for Dr. Geeta Shroff. My Uncle is suffering from Motor Neouron Diesase and we are to see if there is a possibility of him geting treated by her. We are based in Dar-es-Salaam Tanzania

    Any info will be appreciated.


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    Dr. Geeta's contacts are: and tel nos are: .011)26560089/26565518.

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    wondering.......has Shwetarose gone for treatment? Does anybody know her results? She hasn't posted.....

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shwetarose
    Yesterday i had an appointment with Dr Geeta shroff 's assistant Dr.Ashish verma. The meeting was very postive. it was good than expected.

    The doctor was genuine personality. He was neither marketing nor advertising. He was very Logical in what he was saying. He gave a book wriiten by Dr.Geeta shroff where 100 patients claims are published. 12 cases are of spinal cord injuries. other contains mental retardation, head injury, post stroke syndrome,degenrative diseases,Huntington's chorea, spinal injury,motor neuron disease,auto immune disorders,diabetes mellitus,post tumour,musculo skeletal system disorders,genetic disorders,kidney liver diseases,cardiac diseases,reproductive system & Skin.

    My papa and my family doc argued of why ICMR( Institute Council Medical Research) is not supporting and against. Doctor told me that they hv submitted all the proofs but defintely they wont be submitting their I.P. He also informed that it was going to BANN but patients support helded it back.Tera tumors are risks but he told that till now from 2003,noone of his patients got side effects or netype of tumors.

    This is first institute using Human Embryonic Stem cells. I m convinced n my parents too. I still need time to think. i will meet patient n if possible the politican Ajit jogi too. but i might take risk. i can afford tumors for a risk but i want to walk.

    If i want to go for procedure, i hv to stay delhi for 2 months. n later on come for injections every two months. the data of patients are promising n satisfying. i will give summary of patient data soon. i will go for therapy only after meeting patients.

    overall i m little happy will be glad to know your views, suggestions.

    Dr.Wise Young pls suggest me your view.

    dear shweta,
    do u hv any improvement after the treatment? what is the cost of the treatment?
    regards, beena

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    I have undergone "treatment" from Dr. Geeta with no results. I have wasted a lot of money. Please don't waste your money and time. There are no stem cells in her clinic.

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