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Thread: Self cath questions, especially for the ladies

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    Question Self cath questions, especially for the ladies

    Just trying to get an idea how other females cath and deal with catheters.

    Do you transfer to a toilet? Since I've been cathing, I usually stay in my chair, scooch to the edge, prop my legs up on the edge of a bed or toilet and let the catheter drain into a urinal. This works great at home, but can be a problem when I'm out. If I'm not near an accessible bathroom, there's dealing with the urinal, carrying it and then emptying it, etc.

    I'd appreciate knowing what other people do. Have you tried those disposable bags with caths inside? Do insurance companies pay for one use catheters? How long do catheters generally last?

    How about cleaning? I have about a week's supply of catheters that I rinse after use, then boil the whole batch for about 5 minutes. Let dry, then store in a ziplock bag. {This works for me as I haven't had any UTIs, but I also take cranberry tablets every day.} Just wondering if there's a better way...

    All suggestions welcome.

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    When traveling, the bag caths are very convienient. It depends on what kind of insruance you have if you can get them paid for or not. They make ICing pretty fast because you don't have to deal with lubing the cath.
    Also, short caths are good for going out if you can transfer to a toilet eaisily.They're only about 5-6 inches long so they fit easily into a purse.

    To clean mine i'd rinse after use, then squirt with betadine once a day. I think the betadine has almost the same effect as boiling.

    And there's just no getting around it... all bathroom procedures post SCI take WAY longer especially for girls (not having flexible plumbing and whatnot!)
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    Lois, the way you are doing it sounds like the usual way. Your method of cleaning seems to be working for you. The disposable kits are nice for traveling.


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    BARD ( AKA CR BARD) and Hollister makes the disposable cath with the attached bag.
    BARD will send you a free kit with back pack and supplies to try.


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    Just thought I would throw this "out there". It is a male length cath but might work for you too if you decide to try one-use caths. I recently started using these and am very pleased with 'em.

    They are prelubed with a mix of hydrophyllic(sp?) and gel and are pretty slippery. Best part is the "cover" is a pee-tube that you either hang in or use the suction cup to attach to toilet. This way I pee directly into toilet w/o having to be real close to it.

    If no accessible bathroom, I use the Bard Touchless bag caths so I can re-cap the bag afterwards. Then I put everything in a grocery store bag and dispose of when possible.
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    Hi Lois - I use intermittent catheters, and always drain into a night bag, which I attach to the caths. If I transferred onto a toilet every time I needed to cath, I'd spend my time doing nothing else.
    If I'm out, and I use the bathroom, I still use a bag to drain into, then tear open the bag and empty it down the toilet straightaway.

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    Thanks, all, for your input. So nice finding a place where others are "in the same boat"! I can see that those one-use disposible bag caths would be great when you're out. I'll look into getting some as we're traveling to Florida for my son's wedding soon...

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    well i use the Bard Touchless Plus Unisex catheter.they work awsome.they are already lubicated and have a bag attached.i use it and throw the whole thing insurance covers them.i get about 150 a month.if you cath more than normal,like i do,then you can clean them with warm water and let them air dry and use them over again.i also scoot to the edge of my chair and prop my legs up.velcro pants are a big plus too,thanks to granny i cath,bathroom,car..whatever,wherever works for me...
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    I'm late to this post
    Lois, I'm 49 yrs old and it would be horrible if I had to use a urinal again. If you have never used one of the caths in the bag let me know and I will mail you a few to try. Email me at and let me know. I could also give you some ideas.
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