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Thread: Botox smooths over bladder problems for injured

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    Botox smooths over bladder problems for injured

    Botox smooths over bladder problems for injured
    Alana Buckley-Carr
    January 16, 2006
    AUSTRALIA'S biggest trial of Botox -- a toxin most commonly associated with cosmetic surgery -- aims to put an end to the embarrassing bladder weakness experienced by patients with spinal cord injuries.

    And trial participants are already hoping the West Australian Government will come to the party and provide funding to allow them to continue receiving the treatment.
    Commonly used to smooth out wrinkles, Botox blocks the sensory nerve signals being sent from the bladder, while relaxing the muscle.
    Chelsey Wilkinson, who is paralysed from the waist down after a car accident, said her Botox injection, directly into the bladder, had given her more confidence to socialise in public without the threat of losing control of her bladder. The 28-year-old said that, before the treatment, she had to interrupt her full-time job to visit the bathroom every one or two hours. But things improved dramatically after her injection.,00.html

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    Botox Injections

    Hello , I am having all kinds of problems with my bladder ever since i had the MITRO STOMA operations with leaks , and they would come without warning , first they tried 4 different medications , with no luck ,then I got 15 Injections of BOTOX that didn't help either ,then they tried a BLADDER STIMULATOR that didn't help either , now Jan . 17 TH they are removing the STIMULATOR ,so now I'm back to square 1 and need help.

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