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Thread: pca having a baby

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    pca having a baby

    my pca is having a baby she will stay with me till her 5th month any precautions she should take with a c5 quad

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    How do you transfer? If you don't have a lift, you should get one. You should have a lift anyway, as it is unsafe for anyone to do quad pivot or other types of lifting transfers.

    You will probably need to arrange for her to be off on maternity leave for at least 6-10 weeks, and when this starts should be determined by her physician. Our nurses often work up until 1-2 weeks before their due date, but if there is any problem with the pregnancy, you need to anticipate this and plan for a temporary replacement (or permanent if she is not planning on coming back to work for you after delivery).


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    what lift do you recommend
    i have medicare

    she will be leaving for good

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    There are a wide variety of lifts. If you can afford one, a powered lift is best for the caregiver and will give more reliable and comfortable performance. I would try to avoid Invacare or Hoyer...look for something by Liko, Arjo, or similar companies. You can often find them used on eBay. For example, this one is a very nice lift, stores compactly and a great price (you can get other slings):

    You can see a list of lifts here:


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    i'm not a strong gal, but for my b/f i can soley use a hoist, with sling, its called a Skipper, its battery operated, so u would need to get the batt charges every so often, u slide sling on, clickto the hoist and press button to lift and then lay him on the bed, no heavy lifting... hope that helps....
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