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Thread: wheelchair damaged in transit

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    wheelchair damaged in transit

    Yesterday I returned from my 3 weeks visit to India. However to my dismay, I found my power wheelchair gets damaged due to mishandling during the return trip. One side of my chair is damaged such that i cant unfold my chair. I have no idea if this damage has long term effect on the strength of the wheelchair frame/structure and the likely cost of the fixing the damage.

    I have filed complain to the airline Cathay Pacific. The airlines have asked me to check with my vendor abt the cost of damage as they have no vendor who can fix the damage.

    I like to know from fellow CC members had they ever experienced similar incident and wht is the likely outcome (settlement) I can go for.

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    If you haven't done this already, you should visit and email Mark E. Smith with this question. He has a vast knowledge on power chairs.
    Good luck!
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    Shantanu, you might also post this in the travel forum. I think others have had their wheelchairs damaged in transit, and might offer some advice...I believe KLD, one of the CC nurses, has knowledge in this area.

    Best of luck.
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