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Thread: Anyone have photos of their "in-patient" rehab experience? I just found mine! ahh

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    Anyone have photos of their "in-patient" rehab experience? I just found mine! ahh

    Hello everyone, I don't nkow how many would take pics of their in patient rehab experience, i know i hated mine, PT's saying you won't walk, or can't, brought back some memories when i found them so i decided to upload and share, you can see them here:
    This was at childrens hopstial in pittsburg, i was here for 4 months, got movement 3 months post.
    Then went to harmerville in pittsburg where they actually motivated me to walk again, and put me up in braces. I was there for 1 month and was sent home due to insurance running out. I'm going to see if i can find some pics of me in action there!
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    Wow. You look much stronger than I was, but then I had 7 broken ribs & misc other injuries healing. I only got my back & neck brace off 2 days before I had to go home and hadn't learned to transfer myself very well because of the limitations of the braces and i was SCARED to go home.

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