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    i'm a t12 guy trying to maintain my sexy. what do u guys do to stay fit? i do alot of stuff to keep my lower body in good shape, but for upper all i do is curls with dumbells and shoulder presses. does anyone go to a local gym or is there any cheap equipment i could get for the house? i got a bench here but i havent been using it cuz....well theres no good reason i just been lazy i think. basically i just want to see what everyones exercise regime is like.

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    Dear god, ur picture is insane. Are my eyes playing tricks on me or is that a big ass vain on her ass? I'd still be on it like a hobo on a hamsandwitch though.

    I do curels, and bentch press for upper body, and i also stim my abs to keep them in shape because i'm unable to do sit ups/cruntches. I highly recommend the bentch press, it will work ur triceps, back, and pecs. Pecs will really make a difference if you work them up, use light weight, high reps so they get defined and you don't end up wiht man boobs. Never did the sholder press because im afraid to hurt my back or my orignal injury.
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