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Thread: how to get better backrest if on medicare?

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    how to get better backrest if on medicare?

    how can i go about it? i have a tension adjustable backrest and it kills me. i need a better one, but cant afford it. i just got on medicare too?

    also how often can you get a new chair from medicare? whats usually the best chair you can get with them also? thanks
    Josh S.
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    c4/5 inc funtioning c6. 28 yrs post.
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    fuen is right if you have SSI you have medicaid which is a whole different all game than medicare.
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    You should be able to get a Jay 2 back.

    Medicare would like you to get 5 years out of your wheelchair..... but if you just went on Medicare, and they didn't buy your chair, you may be eligible for a new one... You just have to document why your old one isn't meeting your needs anymore.

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    You can be on both Medicare and Medicaid. Medicare if you have been disabled and unable to work for at least 24 months and you are on SSDI and Medicaid based on low income and financial need (usually no more assets than $2000 and a home and car).


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    I have been on medicaid for the first two years since my accident. and after two years, i automatically got on medicare. im still on medicaid until i get out of school and get a job. medicaid is paying for my medicare premium. i dont have to pay it at all.
    Josh S.
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    Josh, didn't you just buy a brand new wheelchair? Curious why you need a different one already.
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    the one i bought with my own money doesnt fit me very good. the measurements are all wrong, and i cannot adjust any more. this chair keeps my knees too close together, i hate it. so, i know what i need now, and gonna get it through medicare. i want to be comfortable when i start working in may/june, so hopefully i will have it by then
    Josh S.
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    I think five years is a thing of the past. Seven was the number I heard. If it's medically justified you just need good documentation and evaluation.

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    would medicare pay for a ADI CF series or a Roho Jetstream

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