Monday afternoon Sally's wheelchair broke. We had just arrived home after PT and I was putting her wheelchair together to get her out of the car, when I heard on ominous snap and tinkle. The long pin that goes inside the quick release axle had broken in two! What a panic! Fortunately we still had her old (clunky, rusted, hard to maneuver and break down) wheelchair so I was able to get her out of the car.

Since the dealer that we bought her chair from originally is in Portland (2+ hours away), we sought to find someone else to help! I called Sunrise medical for a parts list/diagram for the Xtender wheels. They were very helpful, but the list they sent me was NOT! I called the dealer in Portland for a better list........nothing. I called other local vendors.....pffft! I asked my husband to stay home from work the next day and help. He found the most wonderful local dealer: SouthSound Wheelchair & DME. The owner, Buddy Blanchet, took the time to find the correct part, ordered it immediately, and called me the minute it came in. He then told me to bring all the parts to make sure everything fit right, then proceeded to install and tweak the assembly until everything worked perfectly. By Thursday afternoon Sally was back in her easy to use, comfortable chair.

This guy is very knowledgable and caring. We highly recommend him!

SouthSound Wheelchair & DME
9810 40th St. SW STE D
Lakewood, Wa. 98499