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Thread: Politically InCorrect terms for "non-able-bodied"?

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    Politically InCorrect terms for "non-able-bodied"?

    What are your thoughts on how "we" should be referred to as? I have never been too big on PC terms regarding disability. The only term that seems to rub me the wrong way is INVALID. Not that anyone really uses it that much, but it annoys me.

    I never realized how much it bothered me till one day I was driving down the highway, and this ambulette was in front of me with the words "INVALID COACH" plastered all over the damnn thing. I was stuck behind this stupid van for about 15 minutes, reading the words over and over again. Eventaully those werds simmered to a boil, so I picked up my cell phone and called the number written on the side of the invalid coach. The guy answers and I politely tell him who I am, that I use a wheelchair, and that I would never use his ambulette service because I felt the term Invalid Coach was personally offensive, and that I'm sure I'm not the only one who feels that way.

    Woah, man this guy got all defensive. He started yelling how it's a state requirement that he uses the word Invalid on all his vans so that other people on the road know who is on board. ERRR, WRONG, BULLSHIT BUDDY - TRY AGAIN! I remained calm, almost laughing actually at his weak excuse, and reminded him that there are many other ambulette companies that use the word Ambulette, and not Invalid. This guy however was stickin to his story, and eventually hung up on me.

    Oh, and ironically I used an Invacare A4 for several years. Then one day I was lookin at my chair and it hit me. I'm thinkin WTF, Invacare? Next thing u know they'll bust out some cheeseball slogan like "INVACARE, Caring for an Invalid Near You!" LOL.

    Anyway, are there any words that annoy you?
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    I know those feelings.
    I don't like disabled and handicap. I use those terms sometimes, but I really wish there are other terms to identify us.
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    Invalid? No, no, no!!!
    "Disabled" is okay. I really don't like the word "handicapped" too much for some reason. I guess it seems like a Grandma word. I definitely don't like the word "crippled." That's a Great Grandma word.
    At one point, I was all PC with the word "differently-abled." I got over that one pretty quickly. Thank goodness.
    I'm not too easily offended so I guess that's good ... especially since I inhabit a disabled body. ::shrug::

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    I remember in rehab, my grandparents came to visit me and
    they came into my room with my rehab Dr. They were all
    standing around my bed talking, I wasn't paying much attention
    until my step-grandfather said "face it, your going to be an
    invalid the rest of your life". My Dr. told him to leave right there
    and they did. It's the only time anyone has referred to me as
    an invalid. I prefer disabled or para, but despite my disability
    I still manage to get called a "punk" at least twice a week.

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    I'm not a PC word person. I don't mind disabled, crippled, handicapped, gimp, or most any other word. But "invalid" -- nope! That's not me. I am VALID!

    My dictionary tells me that "invalid" means infirm, sickly, deficient, diseased, and a whole bunch of other derogatory adjectives that does not describe me at all.

    My dictionary also tells me that "valid" is sound, well-founded, having force, weight, cogency, and more.

    Heck! It's only my legs that don't work, for crying out loud!

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    I think it's important to be considerate of others, but I also think political correctness is incredibly annoying, petty, and pointless. It's a case of treating the symptom while ignoring the root cause. Anyways there are only two terms for us non-ab's that get to me. As others have mentioned I HATE the word invalid as it implies that the person is not-valid, which sounds like a nazi classification of disabled people. That's why I dislike Invacare and try to avoid them and their products like the plague. I also dislike the term "differently-abled", as it is too PC and almost sounds insulting in a passive-agressive way.
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    Thanks to you guy's I am going to boycott Invacare. I totally
    missed that one, thanks for pointing it out.

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    Geez, i'm sitting in a Invacare and never realized, damn. I can't believe no-one brought up my least fav word physically challenged, yuck toooo pc. Disabled is what I prefer.
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    To tell ya the truth I've never heard the term invalid, I havn't been called any of those names actually, I prefer Josh, no need for those names, or they'll really be handicapped.
    Josh, C6 incomplete
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