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Thread: SCI-Step 2006 Update

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    SCI-Step 2006 Update

    Just wanted to let everyone know that our website has been updated to inform you of the latest and greatest happening here!!

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    Great, Michele, Thank you. btw...I love what you guys are doing.


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    Thanks for your support Susan!!

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    Snowman, I think this is the proper way

    Quote Originally Posted by michele b
    Just wanted to let everyone know that our website has been updated to inform you of the latest and greatest happening here!!
    Snowman, I think this is the proper way to advertise on CareCure

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    michelle-thanks for updating the site so that people can see what accomplishments are taking place in cincinnati.

    ross1 thanks for the laugh. i read back on some of your posts about snowman. my feelings exactly. there are some services you do pay a fee for and my training here at ss is one of those but that money goes back into the facility's equipment and not the owner's pocket, fancy website design or a second facility when one might be enough. even the word help is not correct to use on snowman's part because if they wanted to help us, they would have all of the available equipment there and not believing in FES is one of the biggest turnoffs to me. they also pick and choose who they help and that is not right. accept everyone and not just the ones with the best recovery potential. michelle works each day, all day in the facility, does ted?

    i have heard stories and all i can say is that the small staff at ss is all they have. this is their life and so they answer phones, take out the trash, mop the floors, scrub the toliets, update the website themselves, do the accounting, bill ins, all outside of working with us all day and don't pay a positioned person to do it for them using my training money.

    pw may have been around longer and seen more people but look at what they charge for that should be for free and look what you don't get if you don't pay for it.

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    I haven't heard that PW is highly selective in terms of the people whom they accept. Is this true? What is the criteria?

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    dan nc i don't think you would know by the site but i have heard that once yo uare there you are put into a category and if you cant do something, you get stuck in the category or phase. if you can't create a spasm, you have a strike against you too. i know a guy who was there that is standing and taking steps at scistep but was not even allowed to stand there and spent most of his time on the total gym. he can pedal a bike now but was only allowed to do it once there! they spent so much time on creating a spasm and not on taking steps because he was not out of that phase.
    as i said, just stories but all i have heard are very similar. the visit week is amazing but once you are there for good, things change.
    i don't like bashing, i love the fact that they are working towards the same goal, everyone needs something different. i just know what i have been told by friends that have been out there and are now here.

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    I am truely grateful that I was able to bring my son to SCI-Step. In just 8 workouts I was amazed to see him taking steps with the parallel bars and his trainer adjusting his back foot further back so he could successfully take steps. I also saw him pedal a bike (vertical positioning) with some pushing down on his leg to get started, but he has never been able to even come close to that motion before. I see quads here all using manual wheelchairs, I see an honest desire to help people with spinal cord injury recover. I see the use of all things from around the world used to help people recover from SCI. I spent 3 months at Project Walk with my son and about $30,000. I am glad that SCI-Step helps in the difficult transition from another area by providing furnished handicap units with roll in showers for $1300/mo (everything included) so I don't have to pay $1800+ utilities+ furniture+dishes+bedding etc. ) when the focus is on the recovery not the dollar there is a definite difference in the out come. I look forward to every session and new recovery. My son broke 10 vertebrate, is bruised at T7-8, was diagnosed as complete and 5 Doctors told me he would never walk, just accept it. Without the help at SCI-Step he would be sitting in his chair and never know what he can do. We did learn at Project walk that spasms are natures way of healing and he threw away the 80-100 milligrams of valium he was taking. I personally feel that SCI-Step is the best rehab facility in this country because it is driven by recovery of clients rather than the all mighty dollar.

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    Meredith, thanks so much for sharing the experience of you and your son. I think it's great to hear such positive feedback about one of the SCI recovery facilities.

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