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    Did anyone with a sci get funding for a vehicle?

    I know someone with a sci that has a vehicle and got funding for a vehicle and he goes to schcool

    He's on AISH and I am too.

    I called AISH today and they said that they don't provide funding for cars.

    I said " I need funding for a vehicle".

    Maybe I should of asked if I could get financial assistance.

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    I know DVR pays for vehicle modifications (eg. hand controls), but you may have to afford the vehicle.
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    yeap, Diva is correct. in Ga. Vocational Rehab will help if you go back to work or school, but will not pay for the van. it's a great program because some mods can be up to $70 k.... or more.. good luck..

    do some fundraisers.... bingo, golf, texas hold'em.... get creative..

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    The only people I know in the States who get a fully paid van are those with a big settlement or worker's comp. Even the VA does not pay for the vehicle for veterans (even if service connected) but they will pay for the modifications once you purchase the vehicle yourself.


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    Have you contacted the CPA and asked them if they have any thoughts?

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