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Thread: Continued cord compression!

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    if god is in earth he helps all of us

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    we are praying for Nick, his mom and you Deb ( you are a great friend) ... sending positive energy ... things will get better ...

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    Well, Nick made it through the surgery fine! It took 8 hours but the dr said he could probably start weaning from the vent within a month! So that's good news. I don't really know how they know that, except maybe just because there's no more compression it will be easier?
    He's out of it tonight, so hopefully he's not in any pain right now.
    Thank you for all the prayers!

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    Very happy to hear that! Please tell Tania that I am thinking of her. Shelly

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    That is encouraging news...

    Please tell Nick I said I'm glad his surgery went good...and I hope he had a wonderful birthday too...

    take care, God bless...keep in touch...


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    deb--indeed this is encouraging. we have been praying for him.

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