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Thread: Please post all Dr. Hwang Woo Suk articles and comments in this thread

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    Quote Originally Posted by Buck_Nastier
    Here's what I think, the only way he will be able to clear his name
    is if he cures something big.
    Do you mean elephant or giraffe?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Max
    Do you mean elephant or giraffe?
    Even bigger, like spinal cord injury or whales.

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    I don't know if this has been mentioned before but I only became aware of it in the last couple of days:
    A scientist who faked his research may have actually made a groundbreaking advance - without even realising it.

    South Korean Woo Suk Hwang became famous after claiming to have extracted the world's first stem cells from a cloned embryo.
    It emerged he had lied about his work, and the source of the cells. But analysis in the journal Cell Stem Cell reveals he may have produced stem cells from human eggs alone - potentially even more useful.
    Researchers said that the distinct "genetic fingerprint" of the stem cells means they may be the first in the world to be extracted from embryos produced by the so-called "virgin birth" method, or parthenogenesis.

    Professor Azim Surani, from the University of Cambridge, has carried out years of experiments to produce parthenogenetic stem cells from mice.
    He said Hwang had probably inadvertently stimulated the human eggs to begin dividing while trying to produce cloned embryos.
    Professor Surani said Hwang's unwitting step forward might actually prove more useful than efforts to clone human embryos, which he had claimed fraudulently. "I've always promoted the idea that efforts should be made to produce embryos from human eggs - it is far less ethically challenging, and the efficiency of these cell lines is likely to be higher than those produced from cloned embryos," he said.
    As always there is the word of caution:
    scientists do not know how significant the lack of contribution from the father's DNA will be.

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