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Thread: what do you drive?

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    just b/c Chris hasn't replied... he has one of those Bruno seat mechanisms that swivels out & lowers outside of the Scout for the transfer.

    I OTOH put a w/c lift in the rear of a Jeep to get in, chair & all, & then transfer to the driver's seat from inside. I'm on 35" shoes + anywhere between 2-9" of adjustable vehicle lift.
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    2002 Jeep Wrangler

    We Get Around 160" Of Snow Each Year So If Your Going To Go 4 Wheel Drive Is A Must ,i Hunt Right Out Of It ..,in 3 Years 4 Deer 3 With Crossbow 1 By Rifle. Back Seat Comes Out And I Can Reach Everything In It.the Doors Will Fold Flush To Front Fender Makes It Easy Going From Ele Cart To Jeep.its Great Going Topless, All In All Its Cool But Not As Cool As My 1967 Mustang!!!!

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    Shaun, etc.

    The Toyota and the Scout are the same setup. Basically I roll up to driver's side and unlatch the TAS (Bruno seat, seat and swivel it out to its locked position. Then, using one of the two hand controls I lower the seat to about chair height. I then transfer to the seat and pull my cushion on to my lap. I then take the other remote and activate the swingarm in the bed. The arm comes out and I then drop the loading strap to seat level and use a T-bar with an internal bungee across the frame of my chair where the cushion would be. Ok, now the chair is secure, up she goes reversing the process. Swing it in to the bed and lower it. The downward control then allows the force of the arm to hold the chair tight. Then I raise myself up, unlock the swivel, rotate the chair in and then it automatically locks again. I put the cushion behind me, strap on the seatbelt and away we go.

    Now, although the above sounds somewhat cumbersome it really isn't. The entire process is about 2-3 mins depending and for me is really a function of the chain drive system - it's only as fast as it is. I'm guessing because its designed to hold a 300lb chair and person that's why its a little slow for my taste. It is durable however and fits my needs. I've looked into re-programming or re-designing the unit but never really pursued it. The other issue, two remotes, is a little tedious (those wacky frenchmen) but again, I've adjusted. I think the most up to date versions combine the two?

    I've posted some pics of the scout setup because its doorless and topless and easier to see..please let me know if you have any questions.

    The first photo shows the seat descended and the swingarm and strap lowered..

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    Continued...the second photo shows hand controls...

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    continued..have to re-size as I go..please excuse timing and new posts. Third photo shows view from passenger side with seat locked..

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    cont'd...fourth photo shows seat up and in with swingarm raised (this would normally be lowered when driving with chair tucked in)..

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    Last photo is of Tundra fwiw...

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    Scott - waiting for those photos bud...I'm guessing you've got a modified tommygate, lift type setup>?? I considered it but went conventional instead.

    Happy trails everyone..

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    ...and while I'm thinkin' about it thought I'd offer one more helpful idea.

    Before I had my Scout back on the road I used the Toyota for everything and took my lab, Buddy, everywhere w/me. Because I didn't want tons of dog hair in my cab and it was difficult, being low and with my quad paws, to lower the tailgate and get him in I came up with the following:

    1. I bought an (actuator) lift kit for the tailgate from which operates by wireless remote .

    2. Once lowered I then used this ramp for him from
    Then I'm able to lift the ramp and slide it into the bed once he was loaded. This setup worked really well and I still use it when we use the Tundra.

    Obviously, with the Scout being doorless he just jumps in and hops into his seat..

    Hope some of this is helpful..

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    Thats right! I think you have posted similar pics before right Chris?

    That would be a piece of cake,and a lot cheaper than another Van mod im sure.Its just the cold up here that freaks me out.I think im gettin soft

    Thanks Chris...

    Hows the Pruett project comin along scott?

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