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Thread: what do you drive?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tym
    Oh ps, dont you'all give up on riding, the obvious choices is a trike
    I just started building a 1944 Indian Chief. It is a WWII military version from Australia with the sidecar on the left side. Just a pile of parts right now.

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    My uncle had a chief, sans any side car. After he died it sat under a carport while my cousins who all are ijits ignored it, sometime during the late80's/early 90's it finally went to a family friend of my aunt and i lost touch with it.

    Thank god the cuznuts never touched it, hopefully whoever got it got it running, good luck on yours!

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    I drive a Ford Taurse. My wife took my Jeep Cherokee that i had just the way i liked it. Was on youtube and viewed a guy putting in the chair without folding it or taking it apart into a mini van. I am not a big mini van person but I made a compromise with the wife a mini van for me and i can convert my honda vtx 1800 to a trike.

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    If you can stand at all, a chair rolls right into a minivan. (This is what I do.) Don't see how you could do it from the driver's seat though, do you have a link to that on youtube?

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    My son has been driving a Saturn Ion quad coupe, the reverse opening rear doors made getting his chair in/out very easy. He wanted something a little nicer though so we just bought an RX8 out of California, same reverse opening back doors (not quite as wide opening as the Saturn, but close) and the car is amazing overall. I drove it back from California and it is an amazing car to drive. He's still waiting to drive as the hand controls don't go in until next Friday and he's going crazy waiting.
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    Currently I'm driving a Subaru Baja.

    I've driven pickups for as long as I've been let on the road. The little guys - a Datsun to start out, then an upgrade to chevy S-10 2WD.
    I have enough functionality that I can stand while holding (more like hanging) on the side of the vehicle and grab the chair by the axle, tossing it into the bed of the truck. It's fast and convenient! Leaves room in the cab for the car seat and two passengers. I put the cushion in the drivers seat to keep it out of the weather (and prevent those dreaded pressure sores!) and fold the back down to keep the rain off of the upholstery. Bungie cord to hold it down and I'm off.
    The only issue is height of the bed - no way could I get it into a full size or 4WD truck. My Baja is about as tall as I can go, but man I love that car! Reliable, fun to drive, and room enough for the family.
    //The yellow one looks like a duck, though, I must admit.
    ///Black for me.
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