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Thread: what do you drive?

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    I don't think there are any pictures of Witten in this thread, but this is my ride with some recent pics of him with new mods. I never thought I would mod out my truck - thought he was perfect the way he was. Grilles, chrome pieces, and still wanting to get rims, maybe exhaust, etc. Truck toys are expensive!

    Just had a bath!
    Attachment 15222

    My customized Dallas Cowboys grille!
    Attachment 15223

    New chrome bib and tail lights.
    Attachment 15224

    New chrome mirrors.
    Attachment 15225

    Witten at the lake.
    Attachment 15226

    OT: I wanted to do a little attachment box, but have no clue how to do those.
    "Dream as if you'll live forever, live as if you'll die today." ~ James Dean

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sh0rty
    I love my new ride, A lot of people look at me weird because there arent any scions really around here.
    Scions are cute as Hel and I think it's cool to have something different. Who wants to drive the same thing everyone else is? Enjoy your new ride.


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    Add me to the diesel crowd too:

    What it looked like when I bought it 1 year ago:

    2005 Ford F250 Super Duty Powerstroke. 2.5"F/1"R lift kit, 35" mud grapplers. I LOVE this truck, even though I've gotten the evil-eye pulling it into HC spots a couple times already before I can hang my placard up and someone can get me out into my wheelchair. Lift is coming soon.

    Also have a '95 Ford Thunderbird 4.6 V8. Both rigs have monarch 1-A hand controls. I think I'm gonna get a Yamaha Rhino pretty soon. Any other paras had one of these (or polaris ranger, kawasaki mule, arctic cat prowler, etc)?
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    We got a Polaris Sportsman, but I wanted to trade it off on Yamaha Rhino or somthing, Polaris' suck in my book...That quad we have can't handle serious riding, plus the plastic racks might be buying a utility vehicle here this year sometime

    was the frame bent on that truck? Looks like you had to replace about every body panel on it and cab...Also how much higher does it sit with the 35's on it as compared to a stock 3/4ton? I'm thinkin about puttin the leveling kit on mine, then this summer bump up the tire size aswell, and before I do, I wanna make sure I can still climb up in it
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    T8/9 (2-24-06)

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    jd, was that a tornado truck or something? Holy cow that thing got mangled! Nice work on it, looks really good now.

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    Aww heck, since we're talking 'bout some of mine...

    Keeping with the before and after theme...

    '85 M1009 CUCV. On the DRMO auction block missing engine but with a rebuilt Humvee engine stuffed in the back. My theory on this one is the Army mechanics were trying to replace a Humvee motor with a rebuilt one, but that rebuilt one had a stuck fuel injector resulting in loud clanging. So they took a CUCV, stole the motor from that for the Humvee and shipped the remains out of the unit to the DRMO. My solution: Change injectors, reassemble, enjoy. Kept this one for about 2 years, made some good money on it too.



    Next up, M35A2. Non-turbo, just add batteries and drive home. My first of the 'big trucks'

    At the DRMO:


    Here's another M35A2 with a story. Got this one from Rock Island Arsenal DRMO. In this sale I got this truck, 2 trailers, and a bunch of other crap. RIA is on the Missisippi River, I'm in Chicago. Going home I had one of the trailers in the bed (dropped off at one of my auction-going cronies farm in a deal). Then I hauled the rest of the mess across the state in a driving rainstorm that day. One of those deals where you just drive it home, no work required, but kind of sketchy with the rain and ??? why this is at the DRMO...obsolete and unneeded or something wrong with it? . Turns out it was just unneeded.

    At the DRMO:


    I like driving up hills, eh?

    Gone are the days of smoking good deals at the DRMO. Clinton had the DRMO vehicle disposal auctions privatized to a company that was headed by one of his buddies. After that, what I call the golden era of this hobby ended, but it was fun while it lasted. Lots of fun and profit to be had back then. Hope you enjoyed these green machines!

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    Toyota Van

    I have a 2004 Toyota Siena and I love it. I did have the Toyota Tundra with the full wheelchair set up, It was great but had some downfalls.

    Here are my top 5 reasons I like a Toyota mini van.

    • 6 cylinder (great gas mileage and great power)
    • A place to put stuff that I carrie around. (Handcycle, Sit Ski, Other Toys)
    • I am able to get out of the weather fast.
    • I can take people with me (chip in for gas $)
    • This is my first van that is accessible, but I have owned two other Toyota vans and both lasted well over 200,000 miles and ran great. One of them even had the original clutch and if I am going to spend $50,000 for a vehicle it better last me.

    The van is not cheep but I was able to get Voc Rehab to pay for almost half of a $50,000 van, so I bit the bullet.

    I know chicks dont dig it, but hay it makes my life easer and at this point in my life I think I might like a soccar mom anyway.

    Stevie P

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    The frame was fine, heck it didn't even need an alignment, even with how mangled the right front wheel was. I don't know what exactly happened to it, just that it was from Washington, and it had red scrapes and mangled pieces of a red honda in the bed. The drivers seat sits about 5 inches taller now with the lift and tires than it did stock. I have the 2.5 inch front and 1 inch rear lift kit, but they would have cleared fine without the rear lift. I could barely lift myself into it before it was lifted, but now it's not gonna happen, but someone with better shoulders than me might still be able to climb in. The only problem I had with the tires is the fronts rubbed the plastic inner fender liner, but I loosened it up, pushed it back as far as I could, put a couple screws to hold them back, and they've never rubbed again.

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    2001 chevrolet corvette convertible, automatic trans, triple black.
    When I'm alone, just disassemble chair, wheels in front of the passenger seat, frame on the seat. When with a passenger, the chair fits great in the trunk, with enough room for a couple of weekend bags. Manual roof is easy to do from seated position, takes long arms and some strength...

    Quote Originally Posted by Tiger Racing
    What year? What version? What colour?

    What do you do with your chair when you are driving the car alone?


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    Andy - great photos, cool toys. Btw, where the hell did you park those beasts in Chicago?

    Your stories about buying those vehicles reminds me of my buddy's dad in high school who used to go to DRMO and usually bring back something tank like that we could rip around in. Good times..

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