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Thread: what do you drive?

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    Bought a RAV4 a couple of years ago. I’m T4 incomplede and it suits me fine, and btw I’m 187 cm tall. I like especially how the height level in the driver seat fits the level of my wheelchair for my transfer when going in and out of the car. Before that one I had a BMW sedan but that car was very inconvenience to me because of problems with transferring in and out of it. I kind of had to get from the chair and down almost to the ground level to get seated and when I was going from the car to the chair I had to pull my self up and then transfer to the chair – very troublesome. With this one I kind of just slide over from the chair into the driver seat (although the driver seat is a little bit more elevated than the chair) and vice versa. Something to think about maybe when you are looking for a car? Hope you did understand what I was trying to write here. Good luck to you. Leif

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    I was driving a Honda CRV up to last April. I loved the car, transfers were easy and there was plenty of room if I was only carrying me and a friend. With my chair disassembled it took up the front passenger seat and the rear right passenger seat. I needed to keep the space behind me clear so I could lay my seat back to get my W/C frame out of the car. There was absolutely no space for my two kids.

    In April '05 I got a full size Ford van. I've had a few problems with it, but overall it's been great. No more transferring in the snow and rain, no more wheelchair rolling away from the car prior to transferring etc. LOL There's also plenty of room for the girls and I. It makes it much easier to be an independent father with that vehicle.

    And who cares how you look getting from point A to B anyway? Do you really think that a quality person will want you for your car? Pick a car based on YOUR needs and you'll be very happy.

    Good Luck,

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    I drive a 04 F350 pickup and my wife's 05 Explorer has hand controls in that to

    Mike T12

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    I also drive a Pontiac Vibe. It is great for hauling stuff however right now all I have in there is my rugby chair. It big enough to where I don't have to take the wheels off either my rugby chair or my everyday chair. I am able to use the car as support to walk around to the back and pull out my chair.

    Prior to that I had an Acura Integra. Not bad either except only one person could ride with me if the chair was in the back seat. The transfer was easy to.

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    Very similar to Tug24. I drive a 05 Focus Wagon (not the 2 or 4 door hatchback). I put the chair in the back, and use the car as support to walk around to the driver's seat. With the back seats folded flat, I can fit my everyday chair and a handcycle in the back.

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    c4-5 inc i drive a 4 door dodge intrepid. nice and roomy inside.

    try a dodge magnum, great crip reason for you to drive a van unless thats what u want rep
    c4/5 inc funtioning c6. 28 yrs post.
    sponsored handcycle racer

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    I am a C5-6 quad and I drive a 2000 Trans am. A lot easier then you might think to get in and out of (once I learned) and easy chair storage. My wife drives a PT cruiser which is also pretty easy to get in and out of.
    C5-6 - 22 years

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    Great, it looks everybody drives something differrent. I'm glad
    to hear that I won't be limited to a van. Nothing against van's,
    it's just that I don't think it's me. Thank's for all the info. I
    think that fuentejps is right, the Dodge Magnum looks like a
    good car for wheelchair bound people. Later

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    A lot depends on your lifestyle...i hunt,fish,haul my boat and a cattle trailer,so cars and mini vans are out for me..I also enjoy not having to worry about transfering in the elements rain,snow or just down right cold.I roll in,shut the door hop in the driver seat and im gone in under a minute..No mud,sand or salt on my seats,and no wear & tear on the shoulders..The Magnums a cool car,good luck buddy

    My rig...

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    I definetly dont have anything against vans myself....I used to have two but I found them too expensive to upkeep so I switched to the car. Havent done anything other than the usual maintenance in two years. My vans started giving me trouble after 50K miles.

    good luck
    C5-6 - 22 years

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