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Thread: Wheelchair via Medi-Cal

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    Wheelchair via Medi-Cal

    Has anyone had experience getting approval for a Tilite ZRa via Medi-Cal's program CalOptima?

    I'm looking into that chair and understand it may be impossible to get with Medi-Cal's policies.


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    I have a friend that got a TiLite AeroZ through medical. Not sure if they would pay for the ZRA though.
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    Taylor, I'd call the medical supply companies (the ones who deal with wheelchairs as part of their business) and ask them. They'll tell you right off if MediCal or MediCare will pay for it, and how much. I think MediCal pays all of it, but MediCare pays 80% of what they approve they think appropriate. But calling MediCal might work, but going straight to the folks who do this stuff every day will give you a better grasp on what will happen, billing wise.

    Good luck, that's a nice chair. I just got a new chair, sticking with one of my first, an Action A4, nowadays it's light as hell, one pound less than titanium, and I'm sure MediCal will buy it, because it's probably cheaper than the chair you want. But it's been 22 years since MediCal bought a chair for me, fresh out of the rehab.

    Again, good luck, call around, find out...I'm sure many here have much experience who will give you good advice.
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