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    Angry Plugged Nose

    Ever since my sci injury(aug/92) I have been suffering from a plugged nose.
    Could this be do to the accident? Its a dry plugged nose and I rarely ever get a runny nose even with a cold. When my bladder gets full , it makes my nose open up fairly good. Does anybody else ever have the same problem and what is the fix for it? Sci Nurse maybe you can help me on this one?

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    same thing

    iam 5 years now and havent had many clear days.i miss smelling things !!! i wondered if its common ??iam a t5-t6 incomplete, cant walk,shake like hell,nasty pain nasty.

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    In your nightmares
    I as well noticed that my sense of smell has decreased a bit.

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    I as well noticed that my sense of smell has decreased a bit.
    Maybe it's a coping mechanism protecting us from the awful stink of bowel accidents. The wonder of the human body.

    Now if it would only learn how to heal a damn spinal cord.
    "Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a great battle." - Philo of Alexandria

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    The only mention of nasal congestion in SCI that I've noted in the literature is that often with autonomic dysreflexia there can be some nasal congestion. But that doesn't seem to fit with you, as you report that the congestion is better, not worse, when your bladder is full.

    I will let you know if I find anything further but are you prone to allergies (seasonal or environmental)? Allergies are very common in the entire US population and growing since we have more enviornmental irritants than ever before.


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    i have also some problem like you, C5 C6 injury, 4 years back

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    I notice that my nose is clogged when my blood pressure is low. It will clear immediately if I pee. Weird.

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    im c-6-7...4 1/2 yrs an my nose stays clogged a lot also. i figured it had something to do with sitting all the time. mine opens up if i stretch out on the bed an lay on my side.

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    Plugged Nose

    Thanks for all you're response, I have an appointment with the ENT on the 27th of this month.I will ask alot of questions and post any answers I get.

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    I developed sinisitis after the birth of my son. Never had headaches or any problems before that. I endured the "plugged nose" for 5 years then went to an ENT. He prescribed Beconase and when I get plugged up, it's use really does a great job of soothing the nasal tissues, reduces the swelling and stops it from running. I love the stuff. I can now breath thru my nose and taste food...I keep it always handy too!

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