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Thread: new power book

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    the long awaited intel-based mac laptop is here?

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    yes much better than expected, dual processor, its 4x faster than the powerbook g4.... that is a huge improvement.
    imac is intel chip dual too, 2 x faster
    cauda equina

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    yes, it and the new iMAC use intel chips -- they are released early. I think they weren't supposed to be ready for 5 months or so.

    I'm glad they put the CD drive on the front again.... too bad its frikkin intel. I guess my next pwrbook will be intel.

    I do like the 100 gb harddrive and other upgrades -- isight built in. I have my isight but lost half of the little white clip that attaches to the camera. It doesn't sit in the holder so well now.

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    Steve Jobs just announced the release of the first Intel Macs. He says that all the Apple computer lines will have Intel processors by the end of year. In MacWorld, he showed off the first such computers. Lots of people are salivating. For example,
    The MacBook Pro -- in a slick silver case and only an inch thick and weighing 5.6 pounds -- clocks in four times faster than its predecessor, the PowerBook G4. Both machines will run on Intel's new chip, the Core Duo processor, which combines two processors onto one chip. The Core Duo allows the computers to run multiple programs at the same time, but use a third less battery power and generate less heat.

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    how do the physical dimensions compare with the powerbook g4? seens to be a bit larger/thicker?

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    Actually, it is a touch thinner than the powerbook - Sexay!!!

    I've learned the lesson before though - don't buy first generation.

    As soon as VMWARE announces vmware workstation for OS X/intel, my 17inch powerbook is going to ebay!!!

    BTW - 17inch laptops suck from a wheelchair (at least when wearing a TLSO).

    -- JB

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    now if people start writing software for the mac, then it'll be all good
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    Coffee, my friend,

    If we didn't know that your definition of software as limited to the most recent editions of shoot-em-up games, your comments might be taken more seriously. I suppose software industry leaders like adobe, quark and even the evil MS just don't count? LOL


    Quote Originally Posted by mr_coffee
    now if people start writing software for the mac, then it'll be all good
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