EZ-Bathe™ inflatable bath basin is the answer for those who cannot get out of bed to bathe. The EZ Bathe™ inflatable bathtub is ideal for those need to soak in a bath but are bedridden or just have trouble getting out of bed. The EZ Bathe™ bathtub will fit any on any sized bed and will accommodate individuals up to 6' 2".
you can look at this product on the manufacture web site http://www.dynamic-living.com/ez-bath.htm
My mom bought it for me, but I've never used it. She originally paid $350.00 for it, but I am only asking $200.00.
If anyone is interested,you can e-mail me at Christopher@irishquad.net or cbowen162@yahoo.com

How to use:

* With the assistance of your caregiver, simply roll onto the reinforced vinyl tub.
* The tub is then inflated around you using the included wet/dry vacuum.
* Connect the 25' long hand held shower to a tap and connect the 25' drain hose (with an on/off valve) to a bathtub or toilet.
* Fill with warm water. The drain hose can be turned off for a long soak or left on for constant drain, allowing a shower.
* Then use the wet/dry vacuum and the drain hose to completely empty the inflatable tub of any water.


* Tub will inflate to 84" L by 32" W by 13 ½" D
* includes an inflatable pillow, shower accessories and wet/dry vacuum.*
* Latex free.