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Thread: Good mattress overlay?

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    Good mattress overlay?

    Hey guys,

    My mattress is way old and I've been having issues with my coxcyc lately. I don't use any special overlay on my bed currently. Any recommendations?

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    Personally I would be tempted to get a new mattress & then a overlay. I mean if the mattress is fubar is a overlay really going to help.

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    Hi Theophania,

    After 6 years on my original hospital bed mattress we bought a TempurPedic Foam mattress. It is expensive but incredible. You can try having your Dr. a script for to submit to your insurance company. Mine didn't pay for it but it doesn't hurt to try.

    Good luck!
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    Not sure of the brand but I have this gel one that works very well. I think gel is one step down from air on protection level. There are definitely a few reasons I wish I had a foam overlay though. Its a little hard to move around on. Seems like I'm always sliding to the middle. Drives my girlfriend crazy. Also seems a little hotter than my plain foam mattress.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Theophania
    My mattress is way old and I've been having issues with my coxcyc lately.
    Tiff, is the boxspring in badshape too? My thinking is, an overlay isn't going to do much good if the mattress below is shot and can't offer any support.

    You can get a good top mattress w/o buying a box spring for about the same as a quality overlay.

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    I agree. If your mattress is shot, you need a new mattress, not just an overlay. An overlay alone cannot give you sufficient pressure reduction. Another problem with overlays is that they make the bed higher, which can cause transfer problems for many. Most of them have a very limited life too...for example a Biogard AFT or Geomatt foam overlay will only be good for about 4-6 months and them must be replaced. Air-filled overlays such as the Roho or Prodigy can also cause balance problems during transfers or ADLs done in bed.

    You might want to look into a memory (viscoelastic) foam mattress, but just be warned that some people don't like them as while they do reduce pressure, they can make turns more difficult. Tempurpedic is one brand, but there are others much less expensive and just as good.

    I know a number of people who swear by a their Select Comfort adjustable beds. I cannot vouch for the amount of pressure reduction since the company refuses to release this information, but in theory it should be able to provide lower pressures with the advantage that you can "firm it up" easily for transfers and ADLs. On the down side, they are very expensive as well.


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