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    Multichair 4000

    These chairs are really expensive, but seem like they would make travelling a breeze! Who has one and was it worth the purchase price? Does anyone have any pictures of the chair, with 20" wheels, packed up in its carry/storage mode? I would like to see how small it is. All of the web-site photo's show only the model w/o the wheels in the carry mode.


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    I have the one without wheels, it's great for travel, hotels etc, but I don't know if I would have gotten it if it wasn't on my coverage, it is super expensive for what it is in my opinion.

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    We provide these to a lot of veterans with SCI who need to travel a lot. I have never heard a bad word about them (but they are expensive!).

    We have a Chameleon shower/commode chair with the little casters, but they do make one with 18" rear wheels. You can get information on this at


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