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Thread: Easy Stand Evolv?

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    Easy Stand Evolv?

    Does anyone have one of these? I have the Easy Stand Glider (4th from the bottom), but am thinking about selling it and getting the Evolv. I'm going to be moving soon and I don't have as much space, but I MUST have a stander--I use it religiously. Any comments about size and ease (or difficulty) of transfer?

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    I was able to to try the new Easystand Evolv at Kennedy Krieger about a month ago. What a disappointment. I had been waiting for six months to see the new easystand and see how it differed from the Easystand 6000. The easystand company said that they made the Easystand Evolv transfer to be a lot easier yet the transfer was much harder. When using a transferring board it's even more difficult because there's a piece of plastic that comes off the sides that does not allow a smooth transfer. They also said that the knee pads can be moved out of the way yet when you flip them up there is a bolt that your knee will go right into during a transfer. The lumbar support was disappointing also. The older version The Easystand 6000 Glider is the standing frame that I recommend.
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    I have an Evolv Glider. That little plastic piece Josh is talking about is *not* a problem; I always transfer at an angle (i.e. the w/c is not parallel to the stander), which is easier anyway. I use a transfer board too. The knee pads flip up & yes, there is a metal bracket there (something has to support the pads Josh), but again I don't have any problem with bumping it. Lumbar support is a moot point when standing & I use the basic back, but there are several options you can add on if need be.

    If you already have a 6000, I'd save your pennies & use what you've got. I don't think moving to an Evolv will save you all that much space.

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