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Thread: Leg bag straps

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    Leg bag straps

    I use a leg bag I get from a local supplier. It's one of the heavier, better ones, so I use it for several months at a time. It comes with those cheap rubber straps with the punched out holes that break easily. I used to have some elastic type straps with velcro to attach each end, but the velcro has worn out & the staps are old & dingy looking. I don't remember where I found the better straps. Does anyone know where I can find some better straps like I've tried to describe? Thanks!

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    Try these:

    They also carry the 'thigh straps' to help hold the tubing in place on your thigh.

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    Thanks, Curtis - I knew there was a third one i wanted to mention, but couldn't remember the name!

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    I use two urocare fabric and velcro straps, one on my thigh to hold tubing and the other on the top of my bag around my calf. Also, I had to go to ER w/ a clogged cath and they put a sticky thing with a clamp thing designed to hold the ends of the's great! Anyone know what its called?

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