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Thread: NFL Playoffs

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    rdf...going to ignore that little comment that you felt a little sorry for Eli the weeny cuz you are a Cowboys fan!! Don't feel sorry for him!!! He sucked it up when he need to step it up!!! I for one LOVED every moment of that game!

    Sorry darlin', what was I thinkin?!?

    But Eli is a classy guy, he doesn't have a big head, and he put the team's loss totally on himself in postgame interviews. So I kinda felt sorry for the guy.

    The nfc east is gonna be a tough division next year, toughest division in football. Big D better whoop some butt, cuz I'm tired of them not being in the post season.

    I don't know what dallas can do at QB. Should they try to run the tables one more year, or two, with Bledsoe? The current backups just don't have it, and they need to draft a top notch QB. Then let bledsoe play a year or two, while the new QB learns the game. My HO

    NE looks good, every team in the playoffs is scared of 'em right now. I hope to see the hawks play NE in the big game, with seattle winning the SB.
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    I'm a Steelers fan but hated to see Palmer go down. Carolina could surprise.

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    Eli will never ever be classy in my book. After his whiney baby stunt in the draft two years ago...I will not ever look at him as class. He, his dad, and bro...whined their way out signing with the Chargers into making a deal with the Giants. I so wished San Diego went to the Superbowl last year! Eli (god forbid) could be a Cowboy and I would still hate him.

    With Parcell's signing on for two more years Bledsoe will be staying...besides Bledsoe signed a 3 year contract. Our backups NEED to go to Europe...if they can't make it there...get rid of em and sign a couple more in the draft. Bledsoe better work on moving his feet more or we aren't going anywhere.
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    I got my faith on the well organize team of the Defending Champs New England Patriots. Though they were weak with all those injuries earlier in the season, they are now back in full force and ready to whoop some butt. I believe they will make history with the three peat. Billy B. will mastermind some scheme and beat any team, Pittsburgh, Indy, Seattle, Denver...Bring it. And if you notice, the Patriots are just so smooth about everything..look at the Coach and Quarterback! "Smooth Operators"

    And for all ya anti-Patriots out there, " Don't hate the player, hate the game!"
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    Remorseful. bullshit. He kew exactly what he was doing. He used to BE a Bengal. The Bengals and Squeelers got their genes tied more than a church full of Mormons.

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    Da Bears 135
    Panthers 0

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    rdf - "Seattle winning the SB" - from your lips to god's ears.

    I'll be watching every play this weekend - GO SEAHAWKS!

    And of course the Broncos. Can't even imagine Broncos / SHawks SB. I'll break the bank getting to Detroit!

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    Quote Originally Posted by buckwheat
    Sorry Rick, we're big Seattle fans out here! Go Seahawks!
    Noah, there's no place I'd rather be than on Saturday than at your house with my colors on and a cold Legends Brown Ale in my hand. Now that would be fun!


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    Quote Originally Posted by seneca

    Hey Rick, call it Karma but the Bucks game was stolen too. If that TD had counted, (which it should have) the bucks would have won.
    Now that's a bunch of junk! That call has been consistant all year. As a matter of fact, that's just how the Buc's won there game against the Falcons a few weeks ago. The Falcons caught a TD in the endzone against the Bucs, which would have won the game for the Falcons. But since the receiver dropped the pass when he hit the ground, it was called incomplete and the Bucs won.

    Now there's karma for ya.
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    LOL, I don't really care, the Bucks suck with Gruden but the Redskins suck more.
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