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Thread: Fatigue

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    Mom has made a lot of progress in improving her quality of life, but the one thing that is holding her back is fatigue. She needs a couple of naps during the day, and usually needs to lay down by 7 pm at night (she goes to sleep between nine and ten). Today she went out to a birthday party for a friend of hers and had a great time, but when she got home after being there for about two and a half hours she was completely exhausted. I was hoping that as she got past the acute stage she would start to get more energy (she's fifteen months post injury), but that hasn't happened as much as we hoped. I am in the process of purchasing a motomed exercise bike for her and am hoping that getting regular exercise on the bike will help with her energy, but was wondering if there is anything else she can do.

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    Her body is still healing. Sleep, imo, is a good thing along with a diet rich in protein and an exercise program for 20-30 minutes a day.

    Give her some time, sci is very traumatic on the body.

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    It takes years to get strength back after sci, especially for those over 40. I never fully regained mine.

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    Hi Ed,
    I agree, protein is major. Multi-vitamins as well.
    Talk soon,

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    I was 31 when SCI hit me and I had a pre-existing disability (cerebral palsy). I'm now 44. I find I am more easily fatigued than my ab friends and family. However, I watch my diet, exercise, get rest and plan for the things I really want to do. With planning, I can stay reasonably involved with life.
    There are days I collapse in bed earlier than any of my friends. That's okay. For me, it's just part of life.

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    Thanks. I had hoped she would have a little more energy by now since she's 15 months post injury, but I realize she's still healing. So in a strange way I guess it could be a good thing. A multivitamin is a good idea, though she's already taking in excess of 25 pills a day. But what's one more?

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    I'm almost 3 years post and still am not back to a normal 23 year old stamina.
    I've just had to learn how to pace myself. I try to keep myself going at a good pace that is just enough to work my body but not overload myself. but, at the same time I've had to make a point to not let myself get too much sleep either. that seems to make me a lil "heavier" in the mornings and through out the day. I don't let myself lay down to take a nap during the day. which makes for a better night's rest.

    everybody is going to be different. it's simply a matter of discovering your/her new limits and finding the best way to manage them.

    good luck!
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    p.s. great picture Betheny!

    you inspired me to finally change mine.
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    - Alan Kay

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    A multivitamin is a good idea, though she's already taking in excess of 25 pills a day.
    It could be that one or more of the pills your Mom takes each day is making her tired and wearing her out. The older we get the harder it is for the body to handle a lot of the drugs that the doctors prescribe. This on top of a traumatic injury like SCI.

    Is she on any pain, anti-anxiety/anti-spasmodic (like Valium) or anti-depressant medications?
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    Yes. She is on pain medication (Vicodin) which she tries to take as little as possible but generally needs to take before going out for any length of time, neurotin, baclofen, cymbalta for depression and klonopin for anxiety (which she also tries to take only as needed). She was on anti-depressants before her accident and has gone through a couple of very severe bouts of depression, so eliminationg the anti-depressants isn't really an option. Similarly, the current dosage of baclofen and neurotin seem to have finally controlled the spasms and nerve pain that were really impacting her quality of life. So it may be that fatigue is just a necessary tradeoff for the meds that are controlling more serious problems.

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