Does anyone know what the ADA requirements are for local high schools concerning accessible seating at sporting events? I recently went to my local high school BB game and the only seats available for wheelchair users are in the corners of the gym. On one side of you have doors where people are constantly walking past and the other side of you have the bleachers. If you happen to get there late you end up either on the side of the student section where the student fans never sit down or on the side behind either team's bench. Something either right in the middle or on the upper level where you would have an unobstructed view would be nice. The problem my local school would run into would be that there is currently no access to the upper level and the second problem is that the bleachers are used as a scorer's table and press and on the other side the bleacher extend the entire length of the gym. The other problem I run into is at local football games. For accessible seating they took out the front row of seats in the middle of the field. Great view except that the stairs to the entire faculity runs right in front of those seats and once again people are constantly walking past you and obstructing your view.

If anybody has any ideas for a low cost solution it would be greatly apreciated.