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Thread: about being cold...

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    about being cold...

    ok im a c5/6 quad and my temperture (sp?) control has been screwy since my accident up until this winter. i dont know if its possible for the temp. control to 'heal' itself but i dont get really 'deep down' cold anymore and it doesnt take me hours to get warm again after being outside. im comfy in a shirt and fleece when before id have like 4 different *heavy* layers on. has anyone experienced this- where your temp. control seems to just right itself out of the blue? sci nurse? dr. young?

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    Most quads are "poikilothermic." That means that their body temperatures depend on the ambient temperature in the environment, and I haven't seen that change over time. Sometimes people adjust to it and know how to take care of themselves properly so they don't get chilled, but I haven't heard of it "healing" before. But hey, maybe the right fibers have recovered in your spinal cord. Just be a little careful to dress appropriately for the weather so you don't get sick.


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    I'm a C5-6 quad too and used to get super duper cold right after my injury. But after 5 years it lessened! I was so lucky. I think I made it better by moving my arms around more, wearing layers, and drinking warm drinks...good luck babe!

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    KPF, After about a year my temp regulation/control started to improve as well.

    Now it seems like I'm 5 degrees cooler or warmer depending on the outside temp.

    90 is too hot, 35 is too cold. Pretty normal to pre-injury for me.

    Btw, I'm C6-7 inc.

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    Wow, my temp. regulation hasn't improved at all. I get hot easily in the summer and I'm always cold in the winter. Since the sympathetic system controls that function and has apparently recovered in many of you, have your bouts of AD lessened in frequency and severity too?

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    By "poikilothermic," RAB is gently telling us we've turned ourselves into reptiles.

    So, what kind of reptile are you? I guess I'm a box turtle.

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    I've been injured nearly 10 years (c-7) and anytime its below like 60 I'm still whining like a little bitch that I'm cold. It probably doesn't help I never dress warm and I don't have hardly any body fat, I just hate wearing a lot of clothes. I have trouble with the heat too but I can deal with it better than the cold by pouring artificial sweat (water) on me and being careful not to over exert myself and get heat exhausted.

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    hey guys thanks for your input... this winter has been crazy for me because as it progresses i become less freakish when it comes to cold. it doesnt bother me anymore (that much) and its been like a burden has been lifted. im just scared its not permanent.

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    Kpf, I think you're gonna be ok. You're healing.

    Alan, good point. I'm thinking salamander.

    Seneca, Yes, for me AD is almost nonexistent.

    Maybe its the exercise?

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    My extreme sensitivity to cold seems to have healed. It is not as severe.

    My surgeon was hoping a Thoracic Cord decompression would relieve it but it didn't, time seemed to heal it.


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