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Thread: Next Steps?

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    Next Steps?

    My brother is a C5 incomplete SCI. It is now 7 months after the injury. He has been in inpatient therapy this whole time. It is pretty intense therapy and he is gaining more and more independance. He has bi-ceps, no tri-ceps, wrist flexors and some stomach and slight finger pincher movements. He pretty much has full touch sensation throughout his body and some hot and cold sensation. I am wondering if there are any "alternative" therapies such as laser therapy or surgeries that he should be considering at this point?

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    You may want to post in the Cure forum for these suggestions. There are no therapies in the USA that I am aware of. Some are going overseas for treatments, but the expenses are great and outcomes doubtful.

    If you have the funds, you may want to explore a post-acute rehab program such as Project Walk. You can get more information on these programs in the Exercise and Recovery forum. Those with incomplete injuries seem to benefit the most from these programs.

    He is very lucky to have had such an intensive rehab program. Most insurances now days pay for no more than 6 weeks of inpatient rehab. He should be learning a home exercise program that he can continue on his own prior to discharge at the very least.


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