This is a very interesting thread for me too, as I've had a similar situation.

In early 2004 I was in Toronto, Canada studying to be an apprentice costume designer. The situation was pure hell, very stressfull, and not very healthy living conditions. I lived in the work area, meaning I was exposed to cloth dust, areosol glue, had no heat to speak of, and slept on an air mattress for the two odd months I was there. My food intake was sporadic and not exactly planned, and again, the situation for other reasons was pure hell. Very stressfull. I cried myself to sleep most nights.

I arrived in Toronto on January 10th, I believe, and left on February 28 or so. Sometime in there, I forget exactly when, I had three accidents. The first was pretty simple. I slipped and fell on ice - but all seemed fine. I fell on my butt, I had a bruise, no apparent harm done. The second I tripped over the air mattress and fell landing on my already-bad-knee on the tile floor. The third was a bit later and a couple of days before I left Toronto completely. I was in a gym (we worked out regularly) and sat down at the back extension machine. Someone had locked it open with all the weights on, so when I pulled the pin, it crushed me down with the full 125 pounds on it. There was no sounds of crunching, no high speed impact, and no immediate obvious issues. My thoughts were that nothing seemed to be broken and except for some pain (obviously) I'd have obvious issues if I'd really hurt myself, right?

Right. :P

Fast forward about two days, my back still bothers me some but it seems to have cleared up completely, and all seems fine. However, I've been kicked out of the place I was staying by the boss/woman I was there to apprentice with, and I spent the next few hours packing, carrying my crap out to a van taxi, and literally fleeing for a hotel. The next day my husband and mom arrived to retrieve me and my stuff, and we came back to Georgia.

The stress seemed only to peak as we were leaving Canada, and taper off, until it was more or less gone. About a week later I woke up, and my back REALLY hurt, incredibly bad, worst back pain I've ever had - but I'm not a stranger to back pain at all, far from it. I've hurt my back in various ways more times than I can count.

So after about two months of my back being in severe pain, I go see a chiropractor - and things seem to look up. The first visit he took x-rays and that showed some bone damage. It looked like there were pieces of bone (although he said it could be just calcium deposits as well) anterior to the T12, L1, L2, and L4 vertebrae. My pain eased a lot under his care, but various other things began happening.

Within a month or two, I started having to use a cane to walk, because of the pain. Very shortly after that I began falling, a lot. Repeatedly. I tried to get out of a car once, and while I was absolutely positive that I put my foot out onto the pavement, it never moved, and I dove face first onto the pavement as though I were just trying to jump out like a fish.

Due to the repeated art shows I was attenting and presenting at at the time, it was adivsed that I get a wheelchair and use it. I did. I saw an ENT with the doctors thinking tha perhaps it was some strange inner ear problem. He said no, he thought it seemed more like MS. I saw an orthopaedist who advised me to STAY in said wheelchair until we learned what was causing the problem. MS was bandied about at the time, and I was sent to a neurologist. The neurologist said MS right off the bat, and treated me with muscle relaxers and told me to basically live as well as I could.

I had MRIs, EMGs (OH MY GOD THAT WAS HORRIBLE!!!!!! Worse than torture!) and gave my body weight in blood samples for bloodwork. There were tests after tests after tests and more tests for desert. Nothing ever came back conclusive, nothing ever showed positive. My bloodwork has always, this entire time, shown inflamation of some type, but no one can figure out what from.

I have a lot of classic MS symptoms, but without the cycles that go with having MS. I have a lot of back pain, and a weakness and numbness in the legs. I can only describe the feeling of having been in a swimming pool or hot tub relaxing for many many hours and then getting out only to feel heavy and as though you can't move your legs, except that I really can't. I'm not paralyzed, but I do have intermittent levels of paraperesia and parenthesia (did I spell that right?) I also have presented something similar to Uhthoff's symptom, and have constant temperature regulation issues. While my feet (or any part of my legs, but mainly my feet) will feel normal temperature to anyone touching them, to me they often feel like a block of ice, and are so cold they hurt. This same happens occaisionally (but about 99% less often) with my hands, spots on my back, or my calves. I get fatigued, and after walking around my house for a bit (like putting stuff away) if I do not sit down, I WILL fall down. I get stabbing pains in my hips, knees, lower back, and middle back. I get restless leg syndrome, and at night when I lay down, no matter what I did during the day, my back "screams" in the manner most people describe as relaxing muscles, except that it's absolutely positively the most excrutiating pain I've ever felt.

I use a chair out of th ehouse for safety sake, and I often, even in the house, need one or two forearm crutches in order to not fall when I get teh stabbing pains that leaves me breathless, dizzy, and with 'dead leg'. Or 'dead legs'.

The MRI's showed that my spinal cord wasn't severed, or even visibly damaged - yet I have a lot of symptoms of it having been so. No one has ever mentioned TM to me in a diagnosis fashion, however I see a huge similarity to the above posters info.

I'm sorry to have run on for so long, but the possibilty of a physical trauma combined with an emotional trauma sparking MS or similar intrigues me. Especially as it seems to be an extremly abnormal case of MS if it *IS* MS. I saw Khurram Bashir at Kirkland Clinic in Birmingham Alabama right before Christmas last year and he said he was pretty sure I didn't have MS, however it was possible that my diagnosis in that regard could change.