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Thread: AV Webchat Issues

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    AV Webchat Issues

    What's up with AV Webchat???

    Why is it that we can only get on it by going thru the link on the CC page now? Most of us whom are regulars have shortcuts that go directly to the sign in on the userplane site and have our usernames set up to log in there. As it is working now, when signing in thru the CC site, we're all signed into useplane as guests, which limits the options we have. Also if we want to go to chat, but haven't been to CC in a while, it messes with our post history count so that if we want to go to recent posts we miss out on what has been posted since our last visit. This is very frustrating for myself and a few others of us that are regulars on the AV Webchat. Is there a way to make it accessable the way it has been all along...well the way it has been up until the problems we've all encountered this week? Please, it's very frustrating for many of us... We'd like to have our chat back to the way it was before. Thank you very much.
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    I second that, please.

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    Amen to that.
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    Everything about the userplane chat is based on their server. There are a few options I can manipulate but not many. Whatever change has occurred was made by them. But maybe I can reverse it. Or get them to. I'll do my best.

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    Hey Jeff ,

    I've been having this problem for a lot longer than a few hours. For several weeks , perhaps even more than a month . I have had to logon as a guest , every time I was able to even get on the chat side . I have set up my profile so many times I cannot remember how many times!

    also,even if I set up your web site . CC . I put it in my favorites , and it still takes me beyond the page with the chat site option available.

    This has been happening for months . please help!
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    We have 79 users who have registered for CareCure Userplane......... but I don't see your names. You can try registering using your exact CareCure ID that comes up on the login window.

    I don't see an option to change anything anywhere on my admin panel.

    Can you guys try registering your exact CareCure ID's first? I think that is a better idea. So we all know who each other is.

    If you did register exactly..... maybe you're not registered in CareCure. I dunno. I still log in as guest when I use the CareCure link. So it's the same for me!

    I can't find our community using the userplane search anymore. That must be part of what changed. I have specified that we be included in Userplane directory.... but it does not seem to be working. Seems like our room has been made private.

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    Here's the scoop...... I logged in using the CareCure Link from our site. It put me in userplane using the name "Jeff Weeks" as a guest. I did "Create Profile" and made an account using "Jeff Weeks" as it is my CareCure ID. I clicked the link in my confirmation email. I closed userplane. Then.... I went back into userplane using the CareCure Link and it STILL made me "Jeff Weeks" AS A GUEST. So..... I then clicked login, entered my username and password.... and all was fine. Using login I can use any of my now three userplane accounts. It's an extra step........... but a workaround for now.

    1) Login to userplane using CareCure Link.

    2) Click login and select checkbox for "Use my userplane ID"

    3) Enter userplane username/password.

    4) Hit enter key or click "login."

    Voila. I'll continue trying to make it more convenient...... like actually successfully logging in from CareCure Link.
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    I think you're right Jeff. About the room being made private thing. I don't know/who did it, but either way is okey dokey with me. Thanks.
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