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Thread: Please be careful!

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    Please be careful!

    After my injury, we were really desperately looking for a cure from some source. Actually our neurosugeon had told us back then(1997) that there is no cure for we went searching desperately for a cure to other sources.......(sometimes when i look back i believe i have been foolish and naive)...but when you are really looking for a cure and people make it sound really convincing, you go ahead to give it a try.....
    want to give a list of options that did not work for me and proved absolute waste of effort/money/time/energy
    a) I was told by a famous homeopathy practitioner (in New Delhi, India) that there was a cure in homeopathy (this person has remained at one time the physician to an ex-president of india)...i tried it for one and a half years...then my dad confronted this homeopathy doctor with the question that what his real approach was...he just gave some very awkward, illogical explanations about his approach...
    i have contacted many homeopaths - no one of them can offer convincing argument that homeopathy offers any cure or improvement whatsoever for SCI....
    though i have heard that homeopathy does offer some medicines for UTI....but i have not tried these and so can't say for sure...

    b)I contacted Yoga specialists...they tried to make me stretch a few times...(thank god that i did not get any other injuries while doing so)...when i asked them that what exactly they were trying to do....they said that they did not believe that there could be any transection of the cord - it could only be compresssed/twisted and they were trying to straighten it out.... :-)
    my conclusion: no cure for SCI in yoga...
    though yoga does have some breathing exercises (esp pranayama) to offer which help to maintain the general good health e.g control fat, cure depression etc.....but i believe breathing exercises be it yogic or others do help anyways...

    c) Ayurvedic system of medicine......there are really very very few people who actually have a knowledge of ayurveda......what my experience has been that it has no cure to offer for SCI....and please be really very careful when taking any ayurvedic medicines....please check the ingredients...some might be having other side effects....

    d)this one is especially for fellow indians (also maybe asians)
    i also went to a lot of 'miracle' performing religious gurus...some made me drink water after possibly some mantra and yantra...(now i guess sometimes one does tend to really go all out in search of a cure somewhere and may even do silly things)....some gave me god's prasad/ blessings etc...i even once went to a healing prayer meeting (a christian spiritual leader had come from US)....they claim that people go out cured....he blessed me....still no cure..
    my brother went to puttapurthy sai baba..he blessed me(my photo)...still no cure...
    we went to many pirs/saints...still no cure and not even slightest improvement......

    my conclusion : faith in god/religion can provide moral strength/inner strength to some, but not a physical cure

    e)this one i did not try for complete cure - but was told that might improve my was 'accupressure'......this caused a pressure sore - thankfully my mom detected it in the intitial stages we disontinued this therapy....

    i have just shared my experiences...have been sometimes really foolish enough to fall for a trap

    all i want to say in the end, that please be careful while using these 'alternate sources' - they might sometimes harm you more than offering a cure/improvement.....

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    Sorry for the bad experience you have expereinced for undergoing all these alternative therapies.

    Thank you for giving me these details as my family members always, last 3 years, insist me for going to such type of treatment. I will show them you expeince and convince them not insist me futher.

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    I am writing an article that will cover the same theme in an upcoming issue of SCI Life. I'm looking for people who have participated in experimental SCI surgery outside of the USA and would be willing to share their wisdom with others. Please send me an email if you are interested or know someone who would like to participate.
    Thanks, John

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    I have a friend who broke his neck at c3/4. He was almost complete
    but had enough arm movement to operate his electric chair with a
    joystick. 10 years after his accident he went to a surgeon who said
    he could correct him enough to regain the use of his other arm and
    reduce his spasms. He came out of surgery with no function at all
    below his shoulders and sued the Dr.. He still has no extremity
    movement and is the worst case of paralysis I have ever seen.

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    Thanks Buck, Would you be able to put me in touch with your friend for the article I'm writing?


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    Talking Over seas treatments

    I would be glad to share our 2 (Kao and Hwang) experiences with you.

    Happy New Year:


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    Hi JFF,

    I'd be happy to share my experience also just drop me a note, see profile.

    2010 SCINet Clinical Trial Support Squad Member

    "You kids and your cures, why back when I was injured they gave us a wheelchair and that's the way it was and we liked it!" Grumpy Old Man

    .."i used to be able to goof around so much because i knew Superman had my back. now all i've got is his example -- and that's gonna have to be enough."

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    Hi Atul,

    Thank you for sharing. After three sessions with a chiropractor who claimed that he could help correct my scoliosis, I was left with numbness and tingling in my arms that lasted 3 months. Beware of any type of alternative treatment that requires physical mamipulation. A total loss or deterioration of function is always a possibilty.

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    Mine big story.......i wonder what my parents not left .

    As india, we are ever surrounded by as said by atul, all sadhu, bawas,maharaj-----no doubt many are frauds and only some hv strong blessing....yes blessings do count of some very spiritual religios monks.

    i did acupuncture, accupressure, needle therapy, magnet therapy...apart from magnet therapy, i was totally honest to keep going on abv therapies but noone of the therapy gave me improvement... i yet didnt indulged myself in yoga.i hv nopatience for that

    i went to kerala-kottakal for massage therapy.....3 to 4 ladies vigoursly do massage all over the body especially spine area...god.i used to scare much! n then YUck!!!!they use to let me drink the bitter medicine ..i cant expressed but it was sooooo bad intaste n its just feel like vomiting n let me unwished to hv lunch or much food after consuming that medicine..eeekssss.......i can still recollect the was ssssssssssssoo awful syrup!!!! this lead me hospitalized .reports were negative for vitamins and proteins......i was so healthyyyy but i became sooooo slimmmmm n trimmmm ( but dull n black in face! but i must tell , oil massage was really a CREDIT of my speedy walking with braces n sticks.! my walking really improved a lotttttt!!!!!!! bcos my legs were sooo flexii and loose. that was assom point.

    many still experiences...
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    Shwetarose, what technique was the oil massage that you credit your speedy walking w/braces and sticks? Specifics?

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