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Thread: can pie be done at home?

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    can pie be done at home?

    hi i am asking this for a colleague of mine. her father has been going to a rehab hospital 3 times a week for the past 5 years for P I E. he has a j-colostomy. and often hasblockages.they put in a high colostomy so they could flush the upper section, and he stills needs help with the lower half. can a pie machine be used at home? if so how would they go about fighting to get it at home instead of the rehab hospital. teh last time he was admitted they did 30 enemas on him and got no results. the hospitals here suck and have no clue!

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    PIE can be done at home but it is rather expensive, especially in terms of the disposable parts that are supposed to be changed out with each use. I don't know how to get this funded by insurance. Perhaps other people can help with that.


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