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Thread: Sheepskin,,,??

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    I am looking for a ''Synthetic Sheepskin'', the sherpa-like kind. I always have it on/across my bed 'n regularly sleep on it. It's about 2'x3'.

    I did an online search 'n only find genuine sheepskin, looks like a bear skin---not what I want.

    Does anyone know of where I may find one,,,,??


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    Hey Freej, I'm Pretty sure you can either get synthetic or the real thing at a very reasonable price from IKEA if you have one near you - otherwise, it may be available through their mail order services and/or online ordering.

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    free, I buy my top layer of synthetic sheepskin (I sleep on two, the bottom one being a regular sheepskin rug about 3'x6') at a pet store. It goes right in the washing machine to get cleaned. Petco....where the quads go!

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    Quote Originally Posted by smokey
    Petco....where the quads go!
    That's funny.
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    i bought mine at sears

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    Wally's World might have them to.

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    Synthetic sheepskin

    My local medical supply carries them.
    NOT real thick.
    One called: AlphaFleece Hospital Premium bed pads. Polyester fleece, machine was, dryer safe. was what was on thier label. 1-800-749-1363

    My last one was Shield Brand Premium Decubicare Pad. #0S1750007 ABOUT $45.OO 100% polyester and sheepskin color, comes in other sizes 1-800-228-7150

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    Real medical sheepskins are the way to go. They are treated to withstand HIGH temperature washing, wick moisture, and last a very long time. I have two that I use, one in the wash, one on the bed, and they are 12 years old. They haven't lost any loft and still look like new. Synthetic is hot, doesn't wick moisture and compacts quickly.

    Most of the real medical sheepkins come from either Australia or New Zealand. I am considering replacing the two I have, just haven't done the research.

    All the best,

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