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Thread: RGK anybody?

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    Shaun try a Ti-Lite if you can as well. When it came down to the nitty gritty my choice was between the RGK Hi Lite & the Ti-Lite ZRA. I went Ti-Lite because I felt more confident dealing with their staff, my dealer was a Ti-Lite dealer & I got a smoking good price.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RehabRhino
    and caster snapped off at welding point when he misjudged a kerb.
    Thats the kinda of juicy little nugget i was lookin for right there,thanks buddy..

    The ZRA is at the top of my list right now,then the Kusall Airlite Pro...then,will im gonna try this RGK for a bit..

    Your lovin that ZRA though are ya Canuck?

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    Yes I'm loving the ZRA, Ti-Lite has been great to deal with. It needs regular maitenance like anything mechanical & any problems I've had like screws coming loose from sideguards has been because of my own negligence in doing regular inspections.

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    shaun,whats holding you back on the kueschall. the reason i ask is mine should be here any day so iam told ....

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    Shaun, lemme know if you get laid. If so, then I'll look for a dealer..

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    If it works Chris i'll start my own dealership....i'll be danglin from the trees like wind chimes..

    Onaroll,i just kinda found the Ti lite a little more solid feeling,mind you i spent more time with it than the Kueshall..which i have nothin against at all..

    Canuck,''screws coming loose'' joke there eh! Loc-tite has become my friend..

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    Btw Shaun FWIW I have a Ti-Lite as well. 5yrs and only routine maintenance. Plus I ride it like I stole it and she's held up very well.

    BIG endorsement on the Ti products.

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    Yeah,ya know ive yet to hear anything bad about Ti chairs yet...i find myself leaning more towards it with every person i hear from..

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    I bought a 2nd hand RGK Hi Lite about 4 mo ago. Used it as everyday chair ever since. It's very comfortable and sturdy feeling. Very reliable. Almost all parts are made as simply as possible with good quality materials and workmanship.

    I bought direct from RGK website (I live in UK), and, being 2nd hand, it arrived quickly, within 2 working days as promised.

    Extended review here:

    P.S Sorry no pics at the mo. I struggle to take pics cos the bright light needed to get a good photo really hurts my eyes (neuro disease).

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    Had 2 RGK's 8 years apart. Neither were square and came shimmed under one caster housing or the other. One of the owners told me it is impossible to build a chair balls on square. What a joke, can't believe they are still in business. So many better chairs on offer around the world!

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