My husband has a possible diagnosis of TM and we are learning all we can about it. I am looking for advice as to next step, and any crystal ball predictions or more educated views would be much appreciated.

Steve began to experience symptoms sometime in the spring of 2005. I am not sure of exactly when it started but he was concerned about numbness and tingling in his legs. In May, we renovated a bath in our house. We live in Georgia and the weather was hot. During the work, Steve became very sick. He was sweating profusely, complaining of severe back pain and his skin was very grey. I finished the work and he rested. Shortly after this, he went to his internist to review the numbness and tingling in his legs. He has a family history of diabetes so we expected that diagnosis. In June, his blood work indicated he was pre-diabetic and he was prescribed oral meds. His blood sugar has been under control since the diagnosis but the numbness a tingling stayed.

In September he went to a neurologist who scheduled a MRI of the spine. The results were a slipped disc, high in the neck, and an inflamed lesion in the lower spine. I do not know the exact location of either of these injuries. The Doctor predicted MS and was very forceful in his reasoning. A brain MRI, spinal tap and evoked potential test soon followed. All three were “clean” and did not indicate MS.

At this point Steve has not received any treatment as the neuro is taking a wait and see approach. I think the neuro is still holding out for ms. I understand that steroid treatments are most effective when started close to the initial event and that the diabetes could soar out of control with IV steroids.

As for symptoms, Steve has the aforementioned numbness and tingling, cold feet, bladder urgency, fatigue, insomnia and banding around the waist. He can clearly remember the numbness, etc, traveling up his leg crossing his trunk and traveling down the other leg. He has no problems above the the banding location. He continues to walk and exercise but he has reduced the length of his walks. He rides and exercise bike for 40 minutes each day, walks at least ½ hour and work 10 hours a day. He is making an effort to relax on the weekends although he is a natural putter type and has difficulty sitting still.

He has experienced these symptoms for at least 6 months which our research indicates that the numbness, etc, will not improve. Will it get worse? Is there progressive TM? Is there TM mild? Any thoughts on future treatment? Should we seek a second opinion?

Sorry for the length and I hope I have posted on the right board.