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Thread: Am I The Only One With ?????

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    Am I The Only One With ?????

    Our sticky welcoming newcomers was getting overwhelmed by questions being missed. I figured it would be better to keep the questions down on the forum especially since our longer term members read a sticky once and tend to not go back. They are mainly for new comers.

    So for those who have general questions about their particular diagnosis or wish to find others with the same diagnosis this would be one of those threads to drop your thoughts in.

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    Am I The Only One With ?????

    Sue, I would suggest that the forum moderators split some of these responses off and create their own message. All moderators have this function available to them.


    Quote Originally Posted by SCI-Nurse
    Sue, I would suggest that the forum moderators split some of these responses off and create their own message. All moderators have this function available to them.

    It seems "split" has disappeared from our list of functions Kathy. Jeff is working on restoring it.

    No, it is still there. Here is how to do it:

    Click on the upper right hand corner box of the post(s) you want to move.
    Go to the bottom of the page and look for the pull down menu at the right (next to the word Moderation).
    Select "Move Posts".
    Click on the Go button next to this (which should indicate the number of posts you selected).
    It will open a page that will ask you if you want to start a new thread with this post (usually what you would want to do with these) or add to an existing thread. If you pick the latter, you need to have already copied the URL of the thread you want to move them to.

    You do have to move each post separately if you want to set up a separate thread for each.

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    Im Sarah. I am 16 and i was diganosed with TM 2 years ago. I am in a wheelchair, and Im going to be in a wheelchair for the rest of my life. But dont feel sorry for me, because I dont feel sorry for me. I just signed up for this and i am really excited about it because I have only met 1 other person with TM before. He was more extreme them me because he was hit with TM when he was 2, he is a full quadraplegic on a ventilatior, but im not. It all depends on ur amune system and how ur body reacts. After the first year the doctor told me i wasnt going to walk again and I cryed and i locked myself in my room feeling sorry for myself, the best advice to someone in my situation or in ur husbands situation is that if u hear those words, and it is a very likely chance he will, dont regret it, dont fight it, and dont deny it because I waisted 6 months telling myself the doctor was wrong.

    And in your situation as the wife, the worst thing you could do is give him false hope. Please never give up hope, but be realistic, the sooner u realize that the better off you and ur husband will be.

    I have struggled with TM for along time, and i have not gotten worse, and medical records show that people with TM do not get worse, so if he is haveing back pain, bladder problems, or anything of the sort its not a sign of getting worse its all normal. Please write me back, Im only 16 and i would understand if u didnt feel like talking to me

    (if this went to the wrong person, im sorry im newat this)

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    My son is 9. He was diagnosed with TM in Nov. 2005. He is a T-10 complete.


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