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Thread: How often do quads need to shower?

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    Question How often do quads need to shower?

    I am a C5/6 quad and I no longer sweat at all, even during episodes of AD. I regularly wash my hands and face and my stoma is cleaned nightly. My fiancé has said that body odor isn't a problem with me, and my skin doesn't seem oilaly. I'm wondering how often I need to shower and what medical factors are involved?

    Thanks, Jay
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    Umm, basic hygiene?

    Why would you worry about medical issues from a shower unless maybe you're vent dependent?

    Personally, I can't start my day without a shower.

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    Its nice to sit sudsy under some hot water at least every other day for me...while still keepin squeaky clean in between..Make sure your dryin out round sack really good or you'll be mushroom farmin..

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    i understand if you just cant but i shower every morning. i dont feel right if i dont. dunno about medical issues but clean as possible is always good imo.

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    For me, it's daily. It takes time, but so what? I can and I do. Even at the last round of rehab four and a half years ago (to learn life totally from the chair), I saw what they did and did it myself after the first day. They said they had to be in the bathroom with me to make sure I didn't fall. I told them great, but I was getting in the shower. Several times over the month I was there, they tried to tell me they did not have time to be in the bathroom for me to shower. I told them it was their problem, not mine and rolled to the bathroom anyway.
    I don't know about you, but a shower is a great way to start the day. If you can, why not?
    Sometimes it's more than once if I have a bowel/bladder accident, but that's okay, too.
    What were your shower/grooming habits before SCI?

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    When I saw the thread's title I thought "oooh no, not one of those -- they only want to do me once a week" and thankfully it's not that.

    If you can do it every day. It's not that you sweat or don't. It's what other air (even if you're fully clothed) gets in touch with you.

    I go every day.

    Han Tacoma

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    Our standard with inpatients is to bathe people after their bowel care, however often that is. You might use that as your standard. Doing so could reduce the number of urinary tract infections you might get and prevent yeast infections in your groin.


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    Thanks for the responses everyone. I certainly like showering, but my concern was just the time it takes. I pay for my CNA's out-of-pocket so the extra time it takes gets expensive at $25 an hour. Before I was injured I was showering twice a day because that was how often I was working out. I think the best balance for me may be every other day.

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    I think every other day sounds like a good plan to me. Loved the mushroom farming comment. Made me laugh.


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    In the rehabilitation hospital, we got showers every other day (probably because of the time and staffing issues). I definitely would have problems taking a shower once a week or so ...

    CNA's are about $25/hr in Denver, JayColorado?

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