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Thread: External Hemroid

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    External Hemroid

    I have an external hemroid. During bc it gets irritated from the stimulation and occasionally
    causes a mild case of ad. I started using lidocaine to numb the area and that has helped. My vascular doctor said it isn't anything to worry about and if he was to remove it we would be looking at a couple weeks for it to heal. Of course I cannot go that long without bc and I would be risking infection if I did bc. I've tried preparation h and it didn't help any. Anyone have any other treatments I could try that would help get rid of it without surgery?

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    After you take a dump, get into bed and on your side. Wrap a couple of ice cubes in a paper towel and press them against your bunghole and roids for 5 minutes. It won't get rid of them but they will shrink down to nothing and you'll be fine the rest of the day. It's not a surgical cure but at least you can treat and manage them.

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    See a good colorectal surgeon instead. Rubber banding or sclerosising injections would not lay you up for 2 weeks, and if you are a candidate for these procedures, they can be done as a outpatient procedure. Icing can help temporarily, but don't leave the ice in place too long (frost bite is not a cure!).


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    if it's an outside one you got it made. had two of them removed,it was a piece of cake.Dr cut, did a stich and i had no problems. B4 I was paralyzed,but should be no different. Just a softdiet for a day or two.

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    hydrocortisonecream is also a good and cheap temporary relief

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    Thanks for the info and suggestions. I will pass them on to my doctor.

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