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Thread: Could someone tell me what this means?

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    Could someone tell me what this means?

    I'm trying to load a Nancy Drew computer game for my daughter, and it goes through part of the installation, but then stops and says:

    ISDX_ERR_BADWINDOWSVERSION - entry not found in the string table.

    I click "OK", and then it says "SEVERE", and I click "OK" again, and nothing happens.

    Any ideas?

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    Shannon, you may need to install the DirectX "myself" and see if this resolves the error. I am done for tonight so if this does not work I am sure one of our members will help you out. Good luck!

    Subject: ISDX Error Displayed

    Applies to:

    Nancy Drew: Stay Tuned for Danger
    Nancy Drew: Secrets Can Kill


    During installation, the user may experience this error:

    "ISDX_ERR_BADWINDOWSVERSION-entry not found in the string table"


    This error message occurs because the game installer is trying to install an older version of DirectX over a newer version of DirectX which automatically is included with Windows XP.


    During installation:
    When you get to the dialog titled “Select Components”, the default selection is “Yes, install DirectX”. Change this to select the other option “No, I will install DirectX myself.”

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    YES! Thank you so much!

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    I read all the Hardy Boys Mystery books our elementary school library had a zillion times,lol. Nancy Drew was the girls counterpart if I am correct.
    Still have the Happy Hollisters collection as well at my mom's. She had called me a couple of weeks ago about a set of encyclopedias she bought one volume at a time for my nieces. Wanted to know if I knew anyone she could give them to who would use them. They were never used as the neices lived far away most of their formative years.
    I don't see a lot of kids reading much anymore, shame.

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    Ah, well then you need to meet my boys, favorite Friday night activity is the book store. They each had books on their Christmas lists.
    Every day I wake up is a good one

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    My daughter reads quite a bit. She's been digging the Nancy Drew books. I'd say only about 1/4 of her class are big readers. Of that 1/4, the boys like the Hardy Boys, and the girls like Nancy Drew.

    The Nancy Drew computer games are sort of fun. We play and solve the mystery together, so that's fun.

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    If you have windows remote sharing set up...and, i had the user name, password, and domain plus the ip number could log into your system and fix it for you.


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    Thanks Fast, but Paul's guidance solved the problem!

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